Efficient Order Picking Speeds Distribution

Efficient Order Picking Speeds Distribution

Classic Distributing increases pick rates by 22% with the Jungheinrich® low-level order picker.

The Challenge

For more than 30 years, Classic Distributing & Beverage Group Inc. has served as the beverage distributor for the Greater Los Angeles area. Supported by a 250,000-square-foot warehouse, the company distributes a wide selection of imported brands, craft beers, non-alcoholic beverages, and waters.

One of the biggest challenges Classic Distributing faced was reducing the time spent pulling orders for distribution. Its warehouse uses voice picking, a paperless order-picking solution designed to keep the operator’s hands and eyes free to make order picking more efficient. However, even with voice picking, the company realized their operators were spending an increased amount of “lost” time while operators got on and off their forklifts during the order-picking process.

The Solution

Working with its local Jungheinrich®dealer, Classic Distributing agreed to evaluate the Jungheinrich EKS 110 low-level order picker, which would be used to retrieve their warehouse orders.

“The Jungheinrich EKS 110 order picker stood out the most because of the equipment’s footprint,” says Alex Hernandez, manager of distribution and IT at Classic Distributing. “The order picker is the perfect size to maneuver orders easily through the pick line. It fit our operation with the perfect ease.”

Soon after implementing 15 Jungheinrich order pickers into its facility, Classic Distributing noticed improved performance—with an increase in pick rates from 17% to 22%. The order picker uses precise, responsive three-phase AC technology, allowing for extended run times—resulting in considerably fewer battery charges and greater uptime than the previous product used.

“The increased battery life has been essential to our productivity,” says Dan Chilson, fleet and facility manager for Classic Distributing. “Our operators are more efficient when they aren’t having to stop and charge the battery. In turn, they are able to pick more per hour.”

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