Expertise and Location – The Ideal Pair

To a high tech service provider, whether an OEM or a carrier, the device is a big part of everything. Without the device in the hands of its customer, they have no subscription fee. Without the subscription fee, they have no revenue.

The world’s largest providers look to find supply chain solutions and distribution channels that keep those devices in the hands of its customers.

Reliability is key

So, how do you manage to track more than 16,000 SKUs in your system, ship more than 70,000 orders daily and repair more than 4 million devices annually, while providing a nearly perfect Service Level Agreement to the biggest names in high value, serialized wireless and GPS devices?

The answer: ATC Logistics & Electronics.

ATC Logistics & Electronics (ATCLE) believes it has achieved this performance by balancing its proven expertise with a bar-none location in the Alliance Global Logistics Hub.

A Centralized Location, With Benefits That Make $ Sense

No doubt you’ve heard the expression everything is bigger in Texas. What you might not know is the booming opportunity for logistics in North Texas.

In the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and centrally located in the United States, Alliance is one of the world’s premier inland ports, providing exceptional accessibility to the global marketplace.

With access to all modes of transportation, the hub boasts two Class I rail lines, BNSF Railway’s Alliance Intermodal Facility and connecting state and interstate highways. For expedited air freight, the area is home to Fort Worth Alliance Airport—the world’s first 100 percent industrial airport – and the FedEx Southwest Regional Sort Hub.

This allows logistics companies such as ATCLE to have 24-hour access to air transportation and can access the last flight of the day for last-minute orders.

Aside from the transportation infrastructure attributes of the area, Alliance is a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ), a specially designated area considered to be outside the Customs Territory of the United States. A variety of tax benefits exist for doing business in an FTZ.

Additionally, Texas is ranked as one of the most business-friendly tax environments in the union, according to the Tax Foundation in a 2006 study.

Room To Grow

In an industry where pennies affect the bottom line, Alliance and ATCLE can offer its customers the opportunity to achieve substantial savings, speed to market and scalability.

AllianceTexas consists of a 17,000-acre development that is anchored by the Alliance Global Logistics Hub with 27 million square feet of warehouse, distribution centers, industrial businesses and supply chain services space. It is home to more than 140 companies, including 66 from the Fortune 500, Global 500 and Forbes’ List of Top Private Companies.

Alliance has more than doubled in size since 1999 and ATCLE has largely pioneered that growth, increasing from 40,000 square feet to more than 700,000 square feet in the last 12 years, a growth of more than 1,500 percent.

Dallas-Fort Worth ranks 4th in Expansion Management and Logistics Today annual Logistics Quotient study – a ranking of the most logistics-friendly metros in the United States.

The People That Make It Happen

The Alliance area employs 25,000 people, drawing an employee base from all across the Metroplex. With a high density of logistics companies in the area, a skilled and experienced workforce is thriving.

ATCLE employs 10 percent of the workforce in the area, and boasts an exceptional retention rate based on the ATCLE culture, an important component of consistency when it comes to dealing with devices moving at an extraordinary pace. Both The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Dallas Business Journal list ATCLE as one of the top employers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Industry Expertise

ATCLE helped to make Alliance a hot spot for wireless and GPS OEMs and service providers. Since these industries rely on high speed and accuracy, Alliance is an ideal location with its access to expedited air and ground transportation.

Recognized in the supply chain industry, ATCLE’s knowledge, expertise, high levels of service performance and IT capability enable process integration and seamless transition with its customers.

ATCLE provides integrated and highly customized solutions including forward logistics, reverse logistics, test and repair, asset recovery and electronics services, meeting the most complex logistics challenges for customers including Wireless Carriers, Wireless Device Manufacturers, GPS Device Manufacturers, Recreational and Automotive Electronic Manufacturer and Broadband Equipment Manufacturers.

Putting It All Together

Alliance Global Logistics Hub and ATC Logistics & Electronics together provide unmatched supply chain solution for high tech, high value, serialized devices, allowing many Fortune 100 companies to make their business better, faster, smarter and easier.

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