Finder’s Keepers

Seventy-six percent of transportation industry professionals responding to HireRight’s 2018 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark survey expect to grow their workforce this year, despite the challenges of recruiting and retaining qualified candidates. The survey also reveals planned strategies to overcome these challenges:

  • Respondents plan to invest in developing retention programs (40 percent) as well as training and development programs (40 percent) in 2018. .
  • In an effort to retain new talent, 38 percent of respondents say they are introducing new hires to company executives, 32 percent are implementing longer orientation and training periods, and 28 percent are appointing driver liaisons or mentors.

With retirement accounting for one quarter of drivers leaving their positions, transportation companies are changing up their hiring strategies to attract a more diverse and younger audience.

While 73 percent of respondents say referrals continue to be the most effective way to find candidates, 54 percent say they are using social networking to find talent, a significant jump from only 42 percent in 2017. Nearly one third (31 percent) are using mobile-friendly applications as part of the screening process, and 37 percent are instituting flexible work arrangements.

Other common strategies for attracting candidates and retaining employees:

  • Increasing follow-up communication.
  • Employing non-monetary tactics such as driver appreciation events.
  • Increasing pay.
  • Offering performance-based bonuses.

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