GOOD QUESTION: How would you describe your job in five words or less?

GOOD QUESTION: How would you describe your job in five words or less?

Keeping it cold, when hot.

–Jake McPaul
Head of Refrigerated Operations and Product

Supply chain innovation evangelist.

–Chris Jones
EVP Industry

Bringing transparency to carrier negotiations.

–Josh Dunham
CEO and Co-founder

Fresh challenges around every corner.

–Crissy Hatfield
Xcel Delivery Services

Expanding the potential of automation.

–Matt Somerville
Director of Sales
North America Realtime Robotics

Growth enabler who reimagines possibilities. Since logistics is the end of the value stream, we can clearly define problems and opportunities through our customers’ eyes, enabling more robust, creative solutions. As we expand into new product categories, we are reimagining new processes that exceed customer expectations.

–Marcia Brey
Vice President of Distribution
GE Appliances

Can-do engagement opportunist.

–Eric Allais
President & CEO PathGuide Technologies

Leading change through metric visibility.

–Josh Gore
Director of Business Performance Management
Sunland Logistics Solutions

Supply chain and procurement advisor.

–Joe Adamski
Senior Director

Transportation: evolving fast, adapting critical!

–Gene Welsh
Chief Transportation Officer
MODE Global

So many problems to solve.

–Carston Cash
International Trade Analyst

Making supply chains more sustainable. On the surface, it seems straightforward, but with the complexity surrounding our supply chain, it’s challenging to identify and activate areas for sustainability. From reducing food waste to carbon footprints, I find ways to drive results that improve our supply chain and our world.

–Svante Göthe
Head of Sustainability
RELEX Solutions

Keep retailers ahead of change.

–Eric Linxwiler
Senior Vice President

Crafting seamless, memorable customer experiences.

–Nicole Butcaris
Director of Customer Experience

Leading and driving team success.

–James Woodham
General Manager, Charleston

Grocery supply chain problem solver.

–Troy Prothero
SVP, Product Management, Supply Chain Solutions,
SymphonyAI Retail CPG

Curiosity, new perspectives drive innovation. Step outside of your comfort zone to gain new perspectives from co-workers, clients, carriers, and community partners. We all have something to offer. We all have something to learn.

–Sharmila Fowler-Pos
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Echo Global Logistics

Feeding the world efficiently.

–Gregory W. Tuthill
Chief Commercial Officer
SeaCube Containers

When customers succeed, we succeed.

–Nomar Ramis
Chief Customer Officer

Miracles only happen early morning!

–Vincent Cellard
Vice President, Commodity Management

Rewarding, exciting, strategic. But the most important adjective is transformational. I get to work with innovators to help them mold their technology to meet the warehouse’s needs. Seeing that process at work is incredibly fulfilling.

–Kristi Montgomery
Vice President of Innovation, Research and Development
Kenco Group

Transform data into actionable insights.

–Mingshu Bates
Chief Analytics Officer
AFS Logistics

Supply chain technology leader, mentor.

–Steve Sommer
VP Supply Chain Engineering

Finding insight in noisy data.

–Tony Pelli
Practice Director, Security and Resilience

Helping companies manage supplier risks.

–Patrick Higgins
Principal, Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Delighting employees, customers, and shareholders.

–Paul Boothe
President, Last Mile and Dedicated Transportation

Collaborative, customer-centric, innovative, supportive. My job offers variety, challenges, and opportunity to have real impact.

–Eric Elter
Director of Information and Technology Services
KDL Logistics

Drive business value for customers.

–Mehul Kapadia
Chief Revenue Officer

I create trustworthy relationships.

–Melissa Somsen
Chief Commercial Officer
AFS Logistics

Accelerating supply chain digitalization. As the industry faces new challenges, technology investments are required to help reduce complexity. In my role, I lead the charge to define and execute digital strategies with cutting-edge technologies that optimize productivity and create a seamless connection of operation systems.

–Paul Gaffney
Chief Digital Officer
Omni Logistics

Supply chain process improvement strategist. I work closely with my team to ensure our processes are efficient, that our customers’ supply chains are optimized, and that we are highly proactive in our scheduling, planning, and other activities.

–Art Van Der Stuyf
Director of Supply Chain Strategy
iGPS Logistics

I’m a technology champion who engages people to experiment with and accept new technology. While I’m comfortable with trial and error and taking risks, not everyone is the same. It’s critical to find strategies that help people learn and see the potential of what the technology can and can’t do.

–Harry Chase
Senior Director – Central Materials
GE Appliances

Exciting, teamwork, fun, challenging, accomplished—I love my job baby!

–Geoff Clement
Phoenix Branch Manager
Xcel Delivery Services

Always exceeding customer expectations.

–Lee Crouch
Tucson Branch Manager
Xcel Delivery Services

Get ship done!

–Andre Rioux
Tucson Warehouse Manager
Xcel Delivery Services

Efficient planning and execution daily.

–Alicia Ramirez
Phoenix Operations Manager
Xcel Delivery Services

Transforming chaos, delivering freight miracles.

–Jon Urban
Executive Vice President Operations
ContainerPort Group

Helping customers solve logistics problems.

–Amy Sartain
Director of Business Development
Sunland Logistics Solutions

I lower shippers’ blood pressure.

–Whit Smith
Director of Brokerage Operations
TA Services

Secure trucks for loads.

–Dana Shook
Logistics Coordinator
TA Services

Challenging processes, creating better ones. As director of asset management, I make sure we are tracking our shipping assets as they move through the supply chain. Rather than accepting any process at face value, I always challenge my team to find better ways to achieve optimal results.

–Cory Lehman
Director of Asset Management
iGPS Logistics