Grape Expectations: Wine Quality Control

Grape Expectations: Wine Quality Control

The global wine industry is complex and interconnected, but lacks the tools to properly optimize its supply chain. To improve transparency for producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers, IBM and eProvenance released VinAssure, a blockchain solution that tracks wines as they move from the vineyard to the end-consumer.

By encouraging transparency, accountability, and rapid data exchange, VinAssure helps preserve the exacting methods of winemakers by identifying errors during transit. eProvenance’s algorithm determines if the wine is still fresh or if its quality has been compromised, and a resulting score from 1 to 100 indicates any changes in quality. VinAssure uses IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, which enables organizations to create a permanent record of the history of their physical and digital assets.

It is also designed to provide consumers with information about the wine they’re drinking. Using identifiers such as a QR code on the bottle, consumers can learn about the wine’s provenance and flavor profiles, or whether it meets certification standards for organic practices, IBM says.

The first member of VinAssure is De Maison Selections, a U.S. importer of responsibly sourced wines, cider, and spirits from Spain and France. Other members intending to join include Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Export Division, and Maison Sichel. These companies represent millions of bottles of wines moving through the global supply chain, IBM says.

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