Green Technology Partners

Green Technology Partners

These solutions providers offer technology that empowers sustainable supply chains.

Aera Technology

Aera Decision Cloud provides data-informed recommendations that consider sustainability metrics.

Command Alkon

Load Assurance uses direct contact, in-drum technology to measure concrete properties throughout the delivery process, which enables the reuse of returned materials.


Incorporates green initiatives into distribution and fulfillment facility designs to enable customers to cut energy usage, lower carbon emissions, and reuse and/or recycle materials.


Optimizes LTL, truckload, and private fleets to reduce total miles and required assets to move freight, which reduces CO2 emissions.


Network Optimization determines the configuration within Flowspace’s fulfillment location network that enables merchants to optimally distribute inventory.


A carbon modeling feature enables shippers to accurately calculate carbon emissions associated with their logistics processes and make data-driven decisions to reduce environmental impact.


An advanced multimodal carbon rating application evaluates carbon load factors for a variety of global supply chain scenarios.

LogiNext Solutions

SaaS platform helps large enterprises digitize their route planning operations to save fuel and reduce the carbon footprint at a global level.

Lucas Systems

Software helps distribution centers reduce the amount of paper used for labeling and order fulfillment, and allows consolidated cartonization for products shipped.


Sustainability management offering enables users to calculate and minimize environmental impact across all execution steps.


Helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.

nVision Global

Environmental and social sustainability solutions provide value to customers while reducing the environmental impact of all activities within the global freight audit, payment and logistics information management services.


Smart Packing software automatically configures every order to select the smallest box (that meets carrier standards) to reduce box and material usage.


Technology that helps fleets optimize their routes and minimize unproductive trips, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


CVP Impack and Everest auto-boxing machines create custom-fit parcels using recyclable corrugate that require no void fill.


Intelligent route optimization software cuts wasteful mileage, associated equipment wear-and-tear, and CO2 emissions. Helps improve intra-warehouse and order picking routes through algorithms that reduce distance traveled and optimize resources.


The company’s “Get Green” program is aimed at driving supply chain sustainability. It has two prongs: one focuses on a tracker rebate program that incentivizes customers to return trackers for refurbishment and repurposing; the other is dedicated to reducing Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions via providing real-time shipment tracking.


To help with reporting mandates and environmental improvements, Trax uses its Carbon Emissions Manager solution to accurately track emissions from all vendors, lanes, modes, and regions.

Yard Management Solutions

The Yard Jockey module reduces yard jockey travel distance by 30%, lowering CO2 emissions by approximately 450 pounds per week per yard jockey. With a 50-gallon fuel tank, this saves 15 gallons of fuel per week per yard jockey.