Hold On Tight!

Just like in logistics, our editorial and design team meets many months in advance to forecast upcoming content and issue themes. So, when we met eight months ago to develop the Logistics Planner issue theme, we thought we had a good understanding of what was in store for 2017.

After spirited discussion, we decided on this theme: The Upside of Down. What did we mean? That when economic and other indicators are down, demand-driven logistics can help extract value from your company operations and use supply chain change to drive enterprise efficiencies.

Then, like the rollercoaster on our cover, a quick change in direction resulted in our forecast fail.

Given the presidential election results and the actions of the new administration, many readers are now planning to use best transportation and logistics practices to manage expansion as a result of expected rapid growth in market opportunities.

So, just as any good practitioner of inbound logistics would do, we matched our content supply to reader demand, and hope the articles in this issue will help you align your company’s demand signals to supply more closely, helping you stay right side up if your supply chain turns upside down. As the rollercoaster trends up quickly, best logistics practices give your enterprise the vitality to scale up rapidly without disrupting operations and continue to serve customers while expanding markets and adding new ones.

Readers tell us that they look for this issue, and value and use the Logistics Planner profiles all year long. Creating this resource wouldn’t be possible without our legions of contributors and sponsors, in addition to an amazing editorial, design, and production staff—Lauren Muskett, Katrina Arabe, Sean Doyle, Jeof Vita, Amy Palmisano, and Sonia Casiano—who all get the job done even on our own rollercoaster of a production schedule.

We have been producing the Logistics Planner for more than two decades. This year, possibly tracking the rapid change in the U.S. economy, I was pleased to see many new companies participating because it offers you a broader range of services and solutions to consider. And, many veteran Planner participants use their profile to report how they have expanded and invested to help you adapt to the rapid pace of change driven by trends such as e-commerce and supply chain impatience.

Having these great logistics and supply chain partners at your side can be the difference between riding the rollercoaster we’re all on with your teeth gritted and your hands tightly gripping the safety bar, or anticipating the next thrill and enjoying the ride.

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