How Verst Logistics Powers Agility and Scale Utilizing Cleo Integration Cloud

How Verst Logistics Powers Agility and Scale Utilizing Cleo Integration Cloud

Upgrading to a modern EDI solution helped the third-party logistics company scale to meet their customer demands and improve operations.


Before Verst Logistics came to Cleo, the 3PL’s operations were dependent on an assortment of legacy systems that could not keep up with the growth Verst was experiencing.

At the same time, Verst’s customers began to ask for more modern connectivity methods and file type support, such as XML, EDI, X12, and API, which Verst’s legacy systems could not support.

Furthermore, the legacy systems utilized batch (not real-time) processing, which slowed Verst’s response time to customers and resulted in missed service level agreements. This cycle resulted in delayed communication and SLA violations, causing damaged customer relationships and penalty fees. Additionally, a Verst employee had to resolve the issues, leaving less time for other pressing assignments.


When Macy Bergoon, VP of IT, joined the Verst team a few years ago, he quickly realized his company needed to modernize beyond the numerous legacy systems it had in place.

Bergoon was familiar with Cleo from previous projects but he and his team wanted to assess all available options in the market.

After a thorough examination of the strengths and weaknesses of myriad integration category contenders, Verst decided to move forward with Cleo, and the two businesses began working on a year-long migration project—swapping out legacy systems for a modern EDI ecosystem integration platform.

Harnessing Cleo’s flagship product, Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC), Verst was able to tackle numerous EDI and integration challenges including:

  • Faster setup of new connections with current and new customers since CIC supports a vast assortment of leading EDI document types, protocols, and standards.
  • Using API-based integrations to respond immediately to trading partners, ship products to customers faster, and replace batch processing.
  • Reducing service level agreement error rate from 4% to 0.24%.
  • Spending less time resolving EDI and SLA errors, freeing employees to focus on meaningful tasks.
  • Utilizing Cleo’s flexible blended services model to meet customer demands when short on internal resources.

Additional benefits Verst experienced after partnering with Cleo include:

  • Scaling business operations when demand rises.
  • Offering its customers 24/7 support using CIC’s cloud technology.
  • Increasing credibility with potential customers and winning more business since Verst utilizes Cleo’s reputable technology.

With countless integration projects in the pipeline for the years ahead, Cleo will remain a strategic partner—helping the 3PL scale operations as customer requests pour in and new businesses require onboarding.

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