Improving Healthcare Fulfillment with Traceability and Inventory Accuracy

Improving Healthcare Fulfillment with Traceability and Inventory Accuracy

Pharmaceutical and healthcare distributors can now pick, pack, and ship products accurately, efficiently, and in a timely manner with Locus Robotics’ solutions.

How does Locus Robotics help the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with traceability and serialization?

As pharmaceutical and healthcare customers are picking or even putting away different medicines and medical supplies, they’re able to capture a lot or serial number with our warehouse management system integration.

With Locus, the picker can compare what they’re picking or putting away with what’s on the screen to make sure it’s the right lot number or the right serial number for track and trace and serialization.

Thanks to this technology, our quality score increases their quality as it allows them to catch any discrepancies right away during the pick. At the same time, that lot and serial number are kept in their system.

How does Locus Robotics help the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with inventory accuracy and business continuity?

The Locus solution helps the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with inventory tracking because our software prompts the associate on exactly what to pick and then asks them to confirm that they have picked the right lot and/or serial number from the right location, so that helps with tracking their inventory.

This same process works in the reverse for putaway, as the associate is prompted on the exact lot, serial number, and location to place the item. For business continuity, companies that use Locus increase their productivity and operate efficiently.

With the current labor challenges, all industries are having trouble finding and hiring new workers. When you bring on autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to work alongside your current human workers, your company is able to continue operating normally even without bringing on new people.

Why do leading healthcare distributors choose Locus Robotics and how is Locus helping them with their challenges?

One leading healthcare distributor was struggling with labor challenges, and knew that accuracy and timing were vital, because people’s lives literally depend on pharmaceuticals and medical supplies getting delivered to patients in a timely manner.

They chose Locus Robotics for their facility, and found the AMRs to be easy to plug into their operation. The distributor went overnight from having their associates push around heavy carts to instead having the robots transport material throughout the facility.

At this distributor, Locus deployed AMRs along with a suite of actionable reporting tools and dashboards. This installation included a systems integration with the WMS and network, a solution design of the facility and workflow, and the implementation of the robots including navigation and pick testing.

Thanks to Locus Robotics, the team tripled their pick productivity and significantly decreased their cycle times, resulting in faster fulfillment of client orders. The Locus Solution allows them to pick, pack, and ship products on time and improve their overall processes.

The facility has seen improvements in all areas of their business, including safety, quality, cost, and service. There has been a massive improvement in their operation across multiple metrics.

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