Increased Capacity and Flexibility

Increased Capacity and Flexibility

Rust-Oleum turned to Celtic International for an intermodal solution to quickly move shipments.

The Challenge

As a leading manufacturer of premium paint and coating products, Rust-Oleum is a supplier to many top retailers. With customers ranging from big box stores to small shops, there is tremendous pressure to deliver high quality, on-time service—often with short notice. Having primarily worked with a single intermodal provider, running one rail line, Rust-Oleum was very dependent on that provider and rail line to maintain smooth, on-time operations.

Following a harsh winter where severe storms created supply chain disruptions throughout the country, Rust-Oleum recognized the need to partner with another intermodal provider to run additional lines and build greater flexibility into its supply chain.

The Solution

Rust-Oleum selected Celtic International, Transplace’s intermodal business unit, to provide intermodal and over-the-road transportation services for domestic shipments between its own facilities as well to its retailer customers. By partnering with Celtic, Rust-Oleum gained access to a larger network of rail lines and capacity, giving them greater flexibility in shipping lanes. In the event of weather disruptions, increased freight volumes or capacity constraints, Rust-Oleum can now quickly move shipments from one line to the other to keep its supply chain flowing.

By having Celtic manage intermodal shipments, and serve as the point of contact listed for those shipments, Rust-Oleum improved its communication and relationships with key suppliers, customers and rail lines by providing them with the attention and customization they need. This also increased shipment visibility, and in the event of a disruption, Rust-Oleum is able to quickly gain insight into delayed shipments and how the situation is being handled.

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