IoT Clears the Air for Transportation Companies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to help transportation and logistics providers significantly reduce emissions, enabling compliance with clean air targets. It will also improve worker health and safety while maximizing resource efficiency and reducing expenses. That’s according to Inmarsat’s 2018 research project, which analyzes IoT adoption across the transportation and logistics sector.

The research surveyed 125 of the world’s largest transport companies to establish the key trends, challenges, and expected benefits around their current and planned adoption of IoT.

The research finds:

  • Transport companies expect to spend eight percent of their IT budget on IoT within three years, the highest of any digital transformation technology.
  • Transport companies project revenues to increase by about $210 million (more than 12 percent) by 2023.
  • Reducing emissions is a key factor in transportation, and IoT should improve environmental sustainability by 50 percent.

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