Large Multi-National Seeks Global Supply Chain Visibility 

Large Multi-National Seeks Global Supply Chain Visibility 

An oil services company found transportation cost savings and complete shipment visibility with ClearView’s TMS.


After interviewing dozens of TMS providers on the market for a new solution, a major oil services company had been seeking a single technology platform to manage its 32+ fragmented business units. Over 100+ years, this multi-billion-dollar supplier had acquired companies on six continents with hundreds of shipping locations. The problem this multi-national needed to solve was to unify supply chain strategy across all locations and how to provide visibility in execution as well as freight payment and audit (across 60 currencies) from not only the individual business units, but down to the user level.


This publically traded company had selected ClearView TMS to rollout more than 60 North America locations after interviewing technology providers in all tiers. Most legacy TMS systems had estimated 18-24 month timelines to execute design, implementation, and training. ClearView had agreed to rollout all North America locations in 60 days. After successful launch of North America, this oil services company has already experienced savings of more than 22% in transportation costs and complete visibility of shipments in transit and shipping errors down to the user level.

A large part of the success of the rollout of the ClearView TMS was the ease of use of the system. The simple user interface of the ClearView TMS made user adoption, training, and deployment very easy. The flexible framework of this cutting edge technology provided for flexibility in user configuration in addition to easy setup of user permissions and functional roles. Today, the TMS is running at 100% efficiency across North America. This large manufacturer of oil services products is currently expanding functionality by integrating the ClearView TMS with its large number of 240+ freight forwarders to achieve the same level of visibility and control for all global shipments, as has been achieved for North American operations.

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