Load More Per Container to Cut Freight Costs

Load More Per Container to Cut Freight Costs

Containers that reach maximum weight capacity before the container is filled have a high price tag to ship. Cut freight costs by loading more in every container.

Most U.S. states have very strict payload weight limitations. For pickup and delivery of heavy cargo moving via the Port of New York and New Jersey, ACL can significantly increase those weight limitations for containers and save costs.

The Challenge

Containerized heavy weight cargoes such as wines and spirits, tile and granite, lumber, resin, foodstuffs, and metals are not within traditional container payload weight limits.

Higher payloads were getting increasingly difficult to secure and overweight permit options almost impossible to obtain. Shippers required experienced motor carriers that specialized in heavy weight loads who could obtain the necessary permits to legally transport these loads. Most carriers had no motor carriers to take on the loads once they left the vessel and port.

U.S. states have very strict payload weight limitations: 38,000 lbs. per 20’, 44,000 lbs. per 40’ and 41,000 lbs. per reefer. Shippers were being forced to use additional containers in order to lighten the heavy loads for transport.

They faced a major problem: less cargo in each container equaled more containers per shipment. The bottom line? Paying additional costs to transport their heavy loads.

The Solution

For pickup and delivery of heavy cargo moving via the Port of New York, ACL can significantly increase those heavy weight container limitations. ACL has teamed up with an experienced New Jersey-based motor carrier that specializes in heavy weight loads. They offer professional drivers who are experienced with heavy loads, provide a fleet of quad-axle tractors with two types of tri-axle chassis: 20’/40’ combo tri-axle chassis and 40’ super single tri-axle chassis.

Special permits are provided for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware that allow the maximum gross weight of cargo-container-chassis- tractor to be increased from 80,000 lbs. to 90,000 lbs. Heavy New England deliveries are made using tri-axles and quad-axle tractors.

ACL helps heavy cargo stay in conformance with state highway regulations. What this means for shippers is more cargo in each container which equals fewer containers per shipment.

Bottom line? Much less cost! ACL can easily handle containerized heavy weight cargoes that are not within traditional container weight limits. Shippers can now load additional freight into one container with realized cost savings. All heavy shipments will be handled using proper permits in accordance with local and state authorities.

ACL has developed transportation options in New York. We work with professional motor carriers who are highly experienced with heavy cargo and are experts at providing higher payload weight limits with the use of 4-axle trucks, tri-axle chassis, and permits.

ACL can now deliver cargo safely/legally via New York with quad-axle tractors, tri-axle chassis, and special permits for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. ACL also has opportunities to widen the benefits found for New York to the Ports of Baltimore and Norfolk if there is interest. Please contact us for more details.

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