Logistics Jobs: Follow The Money

Logistics Jobs: Follow The Money

The rise of e-commerce, coupled with manufacturing and logistics facilities implementing robotics and other emerging technologies in the production process, has caused demand for digitally savvy workers with trade skills to skyrocket.

But with a projected manufacturing and logistics (M&L) talent shortage of two million jobs, employers must pay competitively, beyond the market salary rate, to attract and retain qualified, dependable workers.

According to Randstad US’s recently released Manufacturing & Logistics 2018 Salary Guide, here are the four most in-demand M&L positions and their high-range salaries (for the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas):

  • Production Managers ($64.36/hour): Candidates with experience and expertise in production and quality are in high demand as this position is responsible for daily efficiency of production output, managing schedules/safety of line workers, and ensuring quality of goods.
  • Warehouse Managers ($41.44/hour): Candidates who specialize in workplace safety (training/evaluations, maintaining records, and ensuring employees follow policies and safety standards) will be in demand as employers prioritize safety.
  • Maintenance Mechanics ($27.81/hour): Keeping sophisticated machinery fully functional will drive demand for candidates.
  • Machine Operators ($21.20/hour): As facilities adopt new technologies such as robotics, these workers are critical for set-up, operation, and maintenance of machines/equipment.

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