Logistics Management & Chain of Custody: Securing IT Assets

Logistics Management & Chain of Custody: Securing IT Assets

Proper logistics management can be one of the most critical aspects of a successful IT asset disposition (ITAD) program.


One critical, yet often overlooked aspect of an IT asset disposition (ITAD) program, are the logistics involved in getting the assets from their current location to the processing facility in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Without a managed program, companies may overpay for logistics—and worse—they risk facing a security breach if the assets are lost or stolen during transit. A professionally managed program assesses where the assets are, where they need to go, the number and type of assets being collected, and what data security measures need to be performed.


Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services offers ITAD solutions that include complete logistics management and are trusted by major organizations across the globe. Our team works closely with clients to ensure they receive the services that meet their needs.

Our ITAD solutions include:

  • ITAD services available in more than 80 countries
  • 28 ITAD and reverse logistics processing centers across 14 countries
  • 9 logistics service centers in the United States (making transportation costs more affordable for clients)
  • Dedicated Ingram Micro trucks for U.S. asset pick-ups
  • Trusted 3PL partnerships to enhance our services
  • Box Program for collecting assets from remote locations
  • Secure locked shipping cases and gaylords
  • Secure chain-of-custody services
  • Onsite data destruction services


Assets are most vulnerable to theft before they leave an organization’s facility. The second most vulnerable time is during transit, so we have specific controls in place to ensure safe transport.

Transportation controls include:

  • GPS tracking and constant driver contact through company-issued smartphones
  • Cargo areas that remain padlocked (except during active loading)
  • Cameras installed on our trucks and numbered seals to ensure cargo areas have not been entered between the time the vehicle is secured and when it is officially received at the processing facility
  • Onsite data erasure and/or onsite hard drive and media shredding services for organizations that choose enhanced security through onsite data destruction

Asset security isn’t just about physical movement of goods or process controls. We take pride in our dedicated, trustworthy workforce, which requires careful hiring, training, and constant vigilance.

All our associates pass criminal, professional, and educational background checks prior to employment. They also undergo alcohol/drug testing, and drivers take a motor vehicle record test. Post-hiring, we monitor our employees and conduct additional tests as needed.

Physical security measures are another way to protect assets. Facility security measures include:

  • Badge-controlled access
  • Walk-through and/or wand metal detectors
  • Facility-wide CCTV systems with 24/7 monitoring
  • Central security alarm systems


As more data-bearing devices continue to be used and circulated and as the importance of data security continues to grow, ITAD services are increasingly important.

Our solutions are backed by client-dedicated support, controlled logistics, secure data erasure/destruction, step-by-step tracking, detailed standard and custom reporting, and Certificates of Data Destruction & Recycling.

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