Logistics Technology—Selecting the Right Data Solution

Logistics Technology—Selecting the Right Data Solution

Shippers can generate measurable value from the right data and analytics investments. When applied to logistics and supply chain processes, productivity levels can increase while freight spend declines.

Q. There is a wealth of available logistics technology. When selecting a data solution, what is the key factor for a shipper?

A. It is critical for supply chain professionals to find the right technology solution—one that provides unbiased data, freight market intelligence, and robust analytics capabilities to help solve logistics issues while generating better visibility.

SaaS transportation intelligence tools can help shippers make sense of their proprietary data and contextualize it relative to the broader market. However, data by itself has little value; the right partner can transform data into robust market intelligence and actionable insights.

Q. Most shippers’ end-to-end supply chains are complex entities, but must function effectively for company success. What are some of the benefits of data analysis in logistics for shippers?

A. On-time and on-budget transportation solutions throughout the supply chain are critical measurements of success—but are easier said than done. Multiple steps are usually required— transporting raw materials effectively to a company’s manufacturing facilities and then moving those finished products to their final destination (or destinations, in many cases). However, vulnerability to supply chain and transportation issues can routinely cause problems.

By consolidating data from across their networks, shippers can have a more holistic view, identifying opportunities to decrease fulfillment times, generate savings through efficiencies, and accelerate growth.

Data analysis creates transparency, enabling strategic long-term benefits by breaking down silos and empowering a cohesive supply chain network.

Q. What specific areas are assisted by the right data solution?

A. The best technology has little value unless it helps improve performance. Key areas that can be improved with the right data solution include:

  • Financial efficiency. Use data and analytics to uncover inefficiencies within transportation processes.
  • Transparency. Improve communication and create a better customer experience while boosting brand reputation with deeper insights into your business.
  • Proactivity. Work with a mix of valuable historical, real-time, and predictive insights to make smarter strategic decisions.
  • Optimization. Use data to uncover opportunities, upgrade operations, and improve freight spend.

The integrated adoption of data analytics generates value through reliable, real-time analytical insights that unlock holistic visibility across the end-to-end transportation and logistics supply chain. With the right data solution, shippers can develop the flexibility to navigate marketplace uncertainty—removing anecdotal guesswork from forecasting and planning processes—driving freight spend with data-driven decision-making.

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