MagicLogic Provides Flexible Customized Cartonization Software for Augusta Sportswear

MagicLogic Provides Flexible Customized Cartonization Software for Augusta Sportswear

Augusta Sportswear—the company behind brands such as Holloway, High Five, and Russell Athletic—turned to MagicLogic for a load planning solution that packages orders dynamically and seamlessly.

Augusta Sportswear’s story began in 1977 when the company was originally founded. It has since become a byword within the apparel industry for manufacturing high-quality sportswear. The company manufactures team uniforms, training gear, and fanwear.

August Sportswear is renowned for making sportswear in the widest range of colors, styles, and sizes. It encompasses well-known brands, including Holloway, High Five, Russell Athletic, Pacific Headwear, and CCM.

The Challenge

In 2016, Augusta Sportswear needed load planning software that worked as closely as possible with their home-grown applications. Their concern was whether the software would integrate well, be just as fast, and return excellent packaging results.

They also needed the software to be able to grow with the business, be flexible and stable enough to deal with the demands of daily shipping, and would meet their customers’ needs. Ultimately, the choice came down to Augusta’s requirements to package dynamically within their order processing.

The Solution

After identifying BlackBox as a possible option, Augusta Sportswear put it to the test. They used the software to load cartons and run simulations of packaging, discovering it was a close fit to what was required but could be even better when all the available options were factored in. After discussing their requirements with the team at MagicLogic, they were confident they had made the right choice for their business.

MagicLogic worked closely with the team at Augusta Sportswear, ensuring the software integrated seamlessly with their existing processes. During this process, MagicLogic provided custom development work tailored precisely to meet Augusta Sportswear’s requirements.

The Results

Since implementing the MagicLogic software, Augusta Sportswear discovered the BlackBox Cartonization software is very reliable and stable. They are impressed with BlackBox and its ability to get the job done, no matter the orders received. Flexibility remains a very important factor as the business continues to grow, and BlackBox is meeting the needs of Augusta Sportswear customers and can easily cope with new packaging requirements. Using BlackBox has helped Augusta Sportswear provide more packaging options.

At the moment, Augusta Sportswear has yet to investigate all the features of BlackBox, but as the company continues to grow, it intends to review them to see what will make sense for their packaging requirements, and the MagicLogic team will be very happy to offer support in integrating new features.

MagicLogic asked Augusta Sportswear for their experience working with the team, and they replied: “The experience is top notch! They are very open, out-of-the-box thinkers, super collaborative, and patient with all we have worked on together. The support is there. The suggestions and best practices are there to ensure you get what you need. We are extremely pleased with the experience with MagicLogic and always happy to recommend them to anyone.”

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