Mobile Trends Impacting the Enterprise Ecosystem in 2019

As we move further into 2019, technology is continuing to grow and innovate across industries. Enterprises must look to embrace this new wave of innovation and integrate their current employees and operations into agile solutions. From AI to incorporating personal devices, companies need to take full advantage of the advantages mobile technology offers that empowers enterprise leaders to stay competitive in the fast-moving digital environment.

Let’s take a look at a few trends that will shape enterprise mobility solutions for 2019.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is now being adopted into just about every industry. If integrated properly, AI eases the workloads of employees while speeding up all plant operations. From end-user experience, device management and security to data collection and analysis, companies can adopt AI to streamline all logistics and supply chain operations. Leveraging AI can also benefit organizations who have remote workforces by using data to see how the staff is operating in real time, and how to improve performance levels. For companies implementing AI into the enterprise in 2019, they will experience:

  • Streamlined data collection, management, and analysis
  • More efficient plant tasks, operations and
  • Major growth in transportation, retail, and manufacturing (due to automation insights).

Increased Mobility

By 2020, 48% of the workforce will be mobile. Every aspect of the enterprise will be affected by some sort of mobility, from field service to inventory management. With the anticipated rise of mobile usage, partnering with a managed mobility provider is crucial to providing device support to employees.

Device support and implementation are as important as mobile functionality; enterprise mobility can offer great benefits to a company, but only if integrated properly and with capable support. This includes support for rugged devices like tablets. Having 24/7 field support for these must-have devices is imperative for seamless enterprise operations.

Integration of Personal Devices

With increasing remote workforces, companies need to meet the needs of their employees to ensure satisfaction and best operational efficiency. This involves widespread usage of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) where employees can use their own phones, laptops and tablets for enterprise operations, making it essential for companies to adopt uniform mobile procedures. This ranges anywhere from security procedures to cross-platform functionality.

Smart applications can be built into personal devices to offer desktop functionality on a variety of mobile devices as well as applications that work on both IOS and Android. Remaining agile is a huge concern for enterprises, where if properly implemented, BYOD can pay off for both decision-makers and employees. Employees can have the comfort of using the devices they are rely on, while employers can have peace of mind that all devices are interconnected and secure on network.

Increased Security

With integrating personal devices into an enterprise fleet, there are constant security risks that arise. Personal devices should be outfitted with dual step authentications to protect both personal and company data. This can help to safeguard against cybersecurity breaches as well as lost or stolen devices. Additionally, applications can be built into devices to encrypt data as well as wipe information remotely in the case of a compromised device.

Working with an experienced mobile solutions partner can offer security solutions and support that enterprises need. As more and more information becomes digitized in 2019, security is an utmost priority. Company data needs to be secure, regardless of the type of device it lives on. Security applications and encryptions are a great way to achieve this.

Enterprises are shifting to fully digital operations, and mobile solutions are becoming ingrained in all industry activities. Mobility touches every part of the operation – from manufacturing, inventory management, to shipping and logistics. Innovative technologies are helping these processes flow smoothly, and industry leaders should aim to adopt these new trends before outdated processes become entirely obsolete. However, with all of these new technologies available, enterprises should look to embrace this move to mobile in the digital age.

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