Multinational Diversity Drives Measurable Success in Logistics Operations

The logistics industry is international by its very nature. Logistics providers—particularly freight forwarders—manage relationships with companies around the world as shipments are moved globally. As a result, the United States is more diverse than ever before, which presents an opportunity for companies to partner with a logistics provider that hires staff from many countries and backgrounds as part of its business model and the core values of its operations.

True diversity in employee nationalities is built into a company’s DNA, with the goal of gaining strength as an organization through the recruitment of outstanding people with a variety of backgrounds, languages, skills, ideas, and cultures. Seeking an internationally-diverse logistics partner enhances growth worldwide and promotes superior results for clients, both global and domestic.

In fact, multiculturalism can be the competitive advantage that makes the critical difference in the success of your supply chain operations. Businesses that partner with a multicultural logistics provider build stronger relationships with their supplier base through shared languages and cultures, gain access to a variety of new business opportunities, and create a more agile supply chain through creative solutions.

Below are five good reasons to make multinational diversity a focus when choosing a logistics partner:

  1. Multinational diversity supports better customer service. When employees are able to communicate with international clients in their own language, with an understanding of their culture, they are better equipped to offer high levels of customer service and satisfaction.
  2. Multinational diversity increases efficiency through the ability to innovate. When team members are able to contribute multiple points of view, solutions to business problems become more dynamic and creative.
  3. Multinational diversity helps achieve sustainability through being adaptive to many environments and situations. When different perspectives are taken into account during process development, the result is a more nimble strategy that can evolve as client needs arise and the business climate changes.
  4. Multinational diversity promotes quality through an understanding of cultures and the unique needs of individuals. While world business is becoming truly global, huge regional variations still exist and will continue to do so. Companies can build better processes, products, and services by taking into account cultural variables.
  5. Multinational diversity helps attract more diverse top-tier talent from around the world, building a stronger organization. By focusing on recruiting and promoting individuals with a wide array of backgrounds, companies can achieve higher levels of employee engagement and attract more talent.

    Recently, global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company released the results of a study called Diversity Matters. The study found that firms in the top 25 percent for racial and ethnic diversity were 35 percent more likely to have above-industry-median financial returns.

    Recognizing that diversity is an important attribute for your supply chain partner is the first step. Determining how to select a logistics provider that has a deep multinational culture is the next. Here are the important qualities to look for in your partnership:

  1. Its key leaders support multicultural diversity in their actions. A truly diverse logistics partner will have a leadership team that acts and interacts with employees, associates, and business partners in ways that demonstrate respect and flexibility to diverse perspectives.
  2. Its corporate philosophy promotes an all-inclusive environment. A multinational logistics partner will have core values that encourage openness and ensure that multiple points of view make up the creative process.
  3. Its diversity goes beyond HR. A diverse logistics partner implements initiatives at the corporate and departmental levels that foster open channels of communication, drive innovation through the diversity of thought, and remove barriers for an all-inclusive culture.

    The business landscape in the United States demands that multinational diversity be a top priority. Organizations with staff composed of many national origins and speaking a multitude of languages have a huge competitive advantage. The time to invest in diversity as a strategic business model is now, starting with a multicultural logistics partner. To stay competitive in today’s market, embrace the benefits of diversity in your own organization and in your strategic partnerships.

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