New Frontiers in Learning

Few logisticians and supply chain managers will dispute the value of practical, real-world, get-your-hands-dirty learning experiences.

But the rapidity of global change, the proliferation of new supply chain networks and partnerships, and the velocity of logistics IT innovation challenges practitioners, such as you, to keep pace with the times. Improving your logistics skillset has an impact on your career and your company.

When I began editing this magazine 23 years ago, the range of courses available to logisticians wanting to further their careers was limited to physical distribution, warehouse administration, purchasing, or traffic management—silo courses that mirrored how business functioned.

Today, courses cut across these functional silos. Back then, universities offering logistics and supply chain programs relied on private sector altruism to provide students real-world case studies to cut their teeth on.

Now, academia is paying back by offering post-graduate and career development courses specifically designed to help working professionals sharpen their logistics expertise and apply these lessons on the job. Welcome to the new frontier of logistics learning!

The objectives for continuing logistics education are clear-cut—expanding knowledge and skill sets to help your company become more competitive, facilitating your career mobility and increased earnings, and providing a deeper level of self-edification.

But the pathway to pursuing professional certification programs and graduate degrees is often obscured by anxieties and uncertainties of where to begin and how to find the right school and program. It doesn’t have to be.

Allow Inbound Logistics to make the introductions. Back to School: 25 Smart Choices (page 24)provides a rundown of top universities offering post-graduate and distance-learning logistics and supply chain education programs.

Flip through our 10-page syllabus and discover the schools and programs that best match your career development needs. From evening MBA programs in operations and management sciences to full-time PhD coursework in supply chain management, certification short courses and long-distance learning modules—in Zaragoza, Spain, or the comfort of your own home—our guide spans the gamut of logistics and supply chain curricula to meet your unique requirements.

New frontiers in global supply chain management inevitably require new strategies and technologies for evolving and streamlining logistics best practices to make them better. Getting an advanced logistics degree or professional certification can take your company and your career to new and rewarding places as well.

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