Ocean Spray Teams Up With Uber Freight to Create a Refreshingly Simple Supply Chain

Ocean spray

Ocean Spray, a fruit juice, snacks, and sauce retailer, has teamed up with Uber Freight to streamline and improve the transportation of its goods. 

The company, comprised of more than 700 family-owned farms, decided to partner with the transportation service provider in an effort to stay ahead of industry trends and better serve its customers. The partnership began in 2018, when capacity was tight and consumer requirements were increasing. Uber Freight was able to offer the high-quality services the company needed at a price that helped it maintain its bottom line. 

Currently, the transportation service provider has delievered more than 1,500 shipments and is servicing more than 14 origin points. Ocean Spray’s current freight is 75% over-the-road truckload, with the remaining 25% comprised of intermodal and LTL freight. 

Moving forward, there’s potential for the partnership to grow. The two companies are currently working to improve Ocean Spray’s services, utilizing technology like facility ratings to increase collaboration within its supply chain. 

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