Optimizing Customer Service and Corporate Value

Optimizing Customer Service and Corporate Value

Q. How can a company maximize customer service and corporate value?

A. The first interaction is often with the customer service department. This team makes the first impression, setting the tone for the relationship and the perception of how your brand can fulfill their needs. Suppose the experience is pleasant and productive; your credibility increases. The customer will be uncertain and doubtful if it’s less than ideal.

Without a strong foundation, the probability of your customers considering a competitor significantly increases. Retaining customers and reducing churn is crucial to the bottom line, and, in the age of online reviews, a positive customer experience is also a profit driver.

Q. How can the internal silos impacting the customer experience be better connected and streamlined?

A. All customer-facing teams should have reliable processes that alleviate internal silos and deliver seamless customer care. If a customer needs to repeat activities, such as requesting an invoice, filing a dispute, tracking a shipment, or inquiring about a pick-up, it diminishes the value of the relationship.

Customers demand a seamless experience that minimizes time investment and stress level. Evaluate your customer experience and remove blockers or dead ends. Staff training is also essential to ensure consistency of service.

Q. How would you describe most customer service departments’ visibility of their companies’ supply chains? How can that be improved?

A. Visibility into the shipment lifecycle is critical to the team’s ability to resolve concerns during the first interaction. DDC’s partners have a variety of technologies that allow us to track and monitor all shipments throughout the entire journey. Access to CRM, TMS, and partner sites allows agents to view the status in real-time. This is key when locating a delayed or misplaced shipment or changing the routing number on the fly.

For each of our tailored Customer Care programs, we have access to a variety of tools to gather information, share updates, and help resolve any glitches in the shipment process. If 100% real-time visibility is unavailable, DDC will advise on the best technology solutions to close the gaps.

Q. How should operational support address critical delivery failures or supply disruption? How does DDC tackle these challenges for clients?

A. Weather, traffic, technical issues, driver problems, and human error impact this industry. With consistent training, business continuity processes, disaster recovery plans, and equipping your customer service team to be frontline problem-solvers, you will calm customers and find the solutions to meet their needs.

DDC’s goal with our Customer Care suite is to always go beyond what is expected. Every customer should not only be satisfied but delighted with the outcome. This builds loyalty and confidence in your brand. This level of service is critical to customer retention and growth.