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Shippers need tools that enable them to make strategic, data driven decisions.

Navigating today’s supply chain challenges requires timely, accurate, and holistic visibility into a company’s transportation operations. But that doesn’t mean access to more spreadsheets containing old data; instead, success relies on a shipper’s ability to view the entire network in real time and easily access critical, actionable information. Fortunately, today’s transportation management (TM) platforms provide organizations with greater visibility, intelligence, and control over their supply chains than ever before. So, how can TM technology positively impact your operations?

  • A 360-degree view of your entire transportation network. These advanced systems provide shippers with a comprehensive, graphical view of all shipments, along with dynamic dashboards comprised of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as on-time arrivals/departures, carrier performance, and more. Additionally, pertinent information from the web, including weather and traffic alerts, can be integrated with shipment data to deliver a "control tower" view, providing shippers with singular, all-encompassing, real-time access to their supply chains at all times.

  • Greater intelligence through customized reports and dashboards. These analytics enable key personnel at every level and function of an organization to access critical information when they need it. Senior management is provided a holistic overview of operations, while those responsible for day-to-day operations can receive more detailed data on carrier performance, delivery times, and more—helping them better understand how and why there have been fluctuations in service or cost. Greater supply chain visibility and access to data allow companies to be more proactive in their transportation planning, compare final shipping results with the initial goals, and better understand how to adjust plans moving forward in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

While access to data can be beneficial, compiling large amounts of data simply for data’s sake doesn’t eliminate waste or improve service. What makes this information truly valuable is when it becomes actionable. The ability to view shipments in real time, as well as incorporate alerts from the web, allows shippers to use predictive analytics to make better, more-informed decisions; this enables them to proactively take steps to maintain smooth operations and high service levels during an event.

For example, if a storm is forecasted to a certain region, or capacity is tightening due to holiday surcharges, shippers can determine ahead of time whether their shipments are going to be delayed. But identifying a delay before it occurs is only the first step. Control tower functionality available in today’s TM platforms then allows shippers to quickly and easily get real-time information on all affected shipments and take action, such as rerouting a shipment, reassigning the shipment to another carrier, or continuing on as planned. Shippers can then recalculate the new ETA and provide detailed, accurate updates to key personnel within their own organizations, as well as to their customers.

Technology That Works for You

As the supply chain continues to become faster and more complex, shippers need tools that enable them to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Today’s TM technology gives shippers a comprehensive, real-time view of their entire network, along with access to valuable network and market data, enabling them to better optimize performance, reduce costs, and successfully navigate compounding market challenges.

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