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  • AutoStore: The scalable storage and retrieval system from Swisslog uses robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders. In one use case, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions processes e-commerce orders for Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise (pictured). In 2020, Arvato scaled up as needed by adding 65 new robots to its initial deployment of 36 robots.
  • Bolt: The new autonomous mobile robot (AMR) from IAM Robotics is adaptable, letting users retrofit various tops, from pallet movers to piece-picking arms, to fit product needs. Bolt uses 360-degree vision and both sensors and direct-drive wheel motors to ensure safety. With direct-drive wheel technology, Bolt’s entire body acts as a bump sensor. With a 20-hour runtime, Bolt offers a hot swap battery that makes it easy for one person to change it in 10 seconds or less.
  • A-MATE: The electric AMR from K.Hartwall offers increased load capacity; it can lift a load of up to 1 ton to a height of more than 3 feet without using supportive scissors below the forks. This allows for close access when loading or unloading both conveyors and pallet racking. Because of its slim design, A-MATE can navigate narrow aisles and within pallet stacks.

  • TORU: The mobile picking robot from Magazino specializes in picking, transporting, and stowing shoe boxes in online retailers’ warehouses. With the help of 3D cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence, TORU works side by side with human staff to help collect online orders of shoes. The robot also takes care of returns and places shoe boxes back into the shelf autonomously.
  • Stretch: The mobile robot from Boston Dynamics is designed to speed up box-moving tasks, from truck unloading to order building. Its omni-directional mobile base allows it to navigate loading docks, maneuver in tight spaces, and adapt to changing facility layouts. It is equipped with a lightweight arm and a gripper with sensing and controls that can handle boxed and shrink-wrapped cases. Stretch also includes computer vision technology that lets it identify boxes.
  • P Series: These goods-to-person robots from Geek+ move inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station, boosting picking efficiency. In one recent deployment (pictured), Siemens Switchgear Shanghai implemented the P800 goods-to-person robot to consolidate the process for receiving raw materials, checking quality, storing, collecting for outbound movement, and transporting raw materials from storage to production.
  • Boby: The intelligent logistics robot from Scallog lifts and transports shelves of products from their storage location to the order picking stations. The Boby robot is able to handle a throughput of 600 picks per hour per picker. In early 2021, Scallog signed an integrator agreement with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, to launch and market Scallog’s goods-to-person robotics solutions in the United States.
  • Palion Lift AMR: The new autonomous lift truck from Seegrid is designed for heavy-duty materials handling, placing up to 3,500 pounds of payload at heights of up to 6 feet. Capturing and building a 3D map of the world around it, the Palion Lift AMR can be deployed immediately, driving along desired routes and taking commands from human supervisors.

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