ProTrans Provides a Sustainability Solution with Strategic Partnership

ProTrans Provides a Sustainability Solution with Strategic Partnership

The strategic collaboration between ProTrans International and ClearFlame helped an automotive supplier reduce fossil fuel consumption, GHG emissions, and realize significant savings in fuel costs.


Sustainability is at the forefront of organizations’ strategic approach to operations, particularly in the automotive industry. While the transportation sector accounts for approximately 28% of energy consumption in the United States, it is estimated that over 80% of an organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions stem from the supply chain. As a result, optimization provides significant opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint and meeting sustainability goals.

One of the largest global automotive suppliers, known for its emission control technology and vehicle interiors, has made sustainability an integral part of its decision-making process and set a net-zero target. They turned to ProTrans International as a 3PL provider to help explore options that would contribute to their sustainability goals. Common strategies include sourcing renewable energy, optimizing routes and trailer utilization, and minimizing waste with reduced GHG emissions being a key performance indicator.


Believing in the synergy of working together, ProTrans agreed to identify potential partners and organize several pilot test programs that may contribute to meeting the automotive supplier’s sustainability goals. They researched alternative fuel technologies, vetted providers, and selected a partner for the first pilot.

“Through a collaborative effort, we researched multiple companies offering alternative fuel solutions. We settled on ClearFlame Engine Technologies because of the ease of implementation and the viable options they offer for both short-haul and long-haul trucking at a price point that is comparable to current diesel options,” said Shane Dye, General Manager of ProTrans’ asset-based division, Millennial Transport Services.

ClearFlame’s mission is to deliver cost savings while helping fleets meet their sustainability targets, all without compromising performance or uptime. The company has developed a technology that repowers heavy-duty internal combustion diesel engines to break free from diesel and run on decarbonized, renewable, liquid fuels.

ProTrans coordinated with ClearFlame to integrate a 6-cylinder, 15L ClearFlame-enabled engine into a Class 8 tractor for use with their trailers on a specific set of linehauls. The pilot program was implemented over a 450-mile route with daily round-trip linehauls. Data was collected over a set period to determine the effects of using the ClearFlame tractors and potential savings over traditional diesel tractors.


Not only do alternative fuel options reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, but the results of the pilot program showed a 42% reduction in GHG emissions. In turn, there was significant savings in fuel costs realized.

Strategic collaborations are the solution to cleaning up the supply chain and reducing energy consumption, creating a cascade of sustainable practices at every step of the supply chain. As a result of the success in this pilot program, ProTrans and ClearFlame have established a partnership moving forward that will include the leasing of multiple ClearFlame tractors and integration into their transportation services.

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