Providing Transformative Fulfillment Services

Providing Transformative Fulfillment Services

All Points elevated fulfillment operations for a Fortune 500 media company. Through innovative solutions and unwavering commitment, All Points Atlanta navigated the relocation of a complex program.


A leading Fortune 500 media company’s fulfillment partner abruptly closed, leaving them with an imminent warehouse shutdown. The media company faced a critical challenge. Within a 60-day timeframe, they needed to issue an RFP, secure a new partner, and relocate a substantial program consisting of 1,500 pallets, 5,000 unique products, and support for 150 sales executives.
Time was of the essence; the decision was made, and All Points was chosen. After the RFP process took place, there were 8 days remaining for the transition of all marketing and promotional materials.

The Solution

All Points emerged as the ideal 3PL partner, providing a transformative solution to meet the major media company’s complex requirements. Securing a dedicated 35,000-square-foot logistics hub next to All Points’ existing location, the 3PL was able to use the facility to receive and inventory 75 truckloads of products in real time.

All Points representatives flew to Chicago and, working with the former fulfillment partner, devised an inventory manifest on what product would need to be placed on each pallet/truck. In just 8 days, All Points efficiently transported 75 truckloads of products from Chicago to Atlanta. Meticulous inventory management was ensured through advanced automated systems, enabling accurate tracking and receiving of inventory.

All Points developed a temporary online order site that outperformed the previous system. Simultaneously, work commenced on a permanent online site, incorporating virtual allocations, intuitive organization of 5,000 products across campaign and series categories, and customized reporting to fulfill the media company’s specific business needs. With time-saving features, personalized visibility, and efficient inventory management, All Points’ online platform provided an exceptional user experience for the sales team at the media company.

The Results

The partnership with All Points resulted in downtime of less than 6 business days and equipped the sales executives to use the marketing materials more effectively. All Points was able to reduce inventory 27%. Managing fast-moving products and discarding obsolete and stale inventory resulted in significant cost savings and increased product utilization.
Enhanced visibility empowered stakeholders at the media company to track sales rates accurately and adjust ordering quantities based on actual usage, optimizing their supply chain operations and driving business success.


All Points is a unique boutique fulfillment company that focuses on solving difficult challenges.

The seamless relocation of a complex program, coupled with personalized technology solutions and commitment to delivering exceptional results, positions All Points as an ideal choice for large companies seeking a 3PL partner. Its ability to solve complex problems to drive efficiency, optimize inventory management, and enhance order fulfillment highlights the significant value All Points has brought to supply chain operations for 28 years.

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