Scaling E-commerce Operations to Meet Social Media-Driven Sales Spikes

Scaling E-commerce Operations to Meet Social Media-Driven Sales Spikes

When digitally native, fashion-forward company Edikted experienced exponential growth after trending on TikTok, it turned to Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash’s technology-forward solutions.


In today’s digital age, the influence of social media can expand a brand’s reach and boost sales in a matter of minutes. When an e-commerce brand goes viral, they’ll need to have a strong fulfillment foundation in place to keep the orders moving and customers happy.


In just a year of launching, digitally native, fashion-forward company Edikted found themselves growing exponentially after trending on TikTok. A perfect storm of stay-at-home orders and increased social media use among their target audience gave way to a plethora of user-generated content, social proof, and customer reviews.

With hundreds of micro-influencers tagging try-on and clothing hauls in the brand’s name, #Edikted surpassed millions of views. The result? Worldwide traffic to Edikted’s site and a powerful boost in sales.

While the expanded reach was a win for their team, Edikted’s previous 3PL began struggling to keep up with the ever-growing production. Not only were orders taking 7-10 days to get out the door, the 3PL simply didn’t have enough resources to provide the faster shipping time that Edikted’s customers were seeking.

With an increase in sales showing no signs of stopping, it was clear Edikted needed to find a 3PL well-equipped to scale with their growing brand.


Forecasting for fast-growing fashion brands is no easy task, especially when social media attention can generate a spike in sales seemingly out of the blue. For Edikted, Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash’s expertise in high-volume fashion and apparel brands was a key deciding factor.

The direct-to-consumer apparel business model relies heavily on technology and scalable fulfillment strategies, something that Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash offers to many current clients through a seamless Shopify and Whiplash WMS integration.

With the pre-built integration, Edikted simply connected their Shopify account to the Whiplash application, resulting in real-time visibility into inventory and order information, as well as overall fulfillment operation. This meant their target launch date was met with no friction, and they were able to ship out orders almost immediately.

In addition to a technology-forward approach, Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash offers Edikted flexibility on the ground—something that high-SKU, high-touch apparel brands require to continuously streamline their e-commerce fulfillment operations and get orders out the door in a timely manner. With a transparent facility manager and a team of experienced associates at launch, Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash was able to optimize processes in a way that best fit Edikted’s business.

“Our biggest expectation is that Whiplash will help our brand scale smoothly and support us in the most professional way possible,” says Zvika Alon, COO of Edikted. “With such a successful onboarding and launch, we know there’s more growth coming, and we’re confident in this partnership.”

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