SCM Stew

This issue features a diverse collection of articles that spotlight best practices and logistics challenges readers face—globalization, the importance of supply chain and inbound logistics practices, and a growing strategic, high-level executive management involvement in logistics.

The editorial lineup kicks off with Lisa Harrington’s inside look at what’s behind the drive for velocity as global supply chains lengthen and become more inter-related (Speeding Global Shipments).

From port congestion to increased security, to visibility demands, this feature illustrates how global logistics practitioners tackle the continuing challenge of keeping product moving at maximum pace.

Products need to move at maximum pace during the holiday season. In “Shipping Spree: Unlocking the Secrets to the Holiday Rush”, Rachel Gecker investigates how retailers and manufacturers handle the pressures of product forecasting, sharp spikes in demand, and managing expedited shipments during the holiday rush.

Bottom line, the continuing importance of supply chain excellence is at the center of retailing excellence.

At the center of RadioShack’s retailing excellence is its CEO Leonard H. Roberts’ dedication to supply chain improvement. In “RadioShack’s Supply Chain Tune-up”, you’ll read how a CEO’s focus on the supply chain can act as a change agent for the entire enterprise, making it more efficient and profitable.

All these themes—globalization, the growth of inbound logistics practices, and high-level strategic involvement in supply chain management—emerge as the hot topics in Joseph O’Reilly’s report from the annual Council of Logistics Management conference (“Following the Leaders”).

One logistics leader, Anthony Chiarello, president, Maersk Logistics, described the thread that binds globalization and inbound logistics: “The percentage of shipments being controlled by retailers at the point of origin today is multiples of what it used to be,” he said.

If inbound logistics practices will continue to grow, then so must Inbound Logistics. That’s why we’ve expanded our editorial staff again. Please welcome our new Assistant Managing Editor, Amy Roach Partridge, email: [email protected]

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