Shades of Green

Inbound Logistics is green—as a mission and as a magazine. Matching demand to supply, our founding principle, is an evergreen strategy that eliminates waste: energy, money, and time. By embracing demand-driven practices, companies optimize transportation, reduce warehouse inventory and costs, increase transparency, and trigger countless efficiencies elsewhere in the enterprise.

Executing on demand, and specifying inbound moves, also pushes accountability upstream in the supply chain. So Inbound Logistics not only captures the essence of sustainability, it also acts a catalyst for bringing others into the fold.

As a magazine, Inbound Logistics answers a similar calling. From our inception, we have always supported the business case for sustainability and the conservation of corporate assets by helping shippers eliminate waste and space from source to shelf. At your request, we are planting a new annual in our editorial lineup with the debut of 25 Green Supply Chain Partners.

Industry at large has pledged itself to the environmental cause. But there are some companies truly breaking new ground and cultivating greater awareness. They are seeding innovation among customers, partners, and peers; they are sinking capital and resources into more efficient equipment and energy sources; they are composting squandered assets and littered processes and capturing new cost savings. Simply, our G25 companies are leading by example. Like anything good and green, this list will grow in the future.

Transportation and logistics service providers are not alone in their quest for sustainability. Their customers—you—are making an impression as well. In What a Difference a Day Makes, you can read about how Grand & Toy, a Canadian office supplies retailer, is working collaboratively with customers to challenge the next-day delivery paradigm and reduce its carbon footprint.

Walmart, never one to shirk its responsibility as a leading corporate citizen and supply chain visionary, is plowing ahead with plans to introduce a worldwide index that establishes a single source of data for evaluating the sustainability of products (Big Box Takes on Big Green Index).

Public utilities, too, are plugged into the growing importance of renewable energy sources. Power Brokers illuminates how energy companies have become conduits between economic development and logistics site selection, and beacons for green power innovation.

Finally, as you flip through these pages, consider for a moment where they came from. Our printer and paper suppliers join us in affirming this pledge to the environment we, and you, rely on:

Inbound Logistics supports and encourages sustainable logistics. Our mission is rooted in helping companies match demand to supply, eliminating waste from the supply chain. As a magazine and a partner, we are dedicated to growing awareness about green best practices. This magazine is printed on paper sourced from renewable timber, which removes atmospheric carbon at an accelerated pace.”

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