Software as a Service: Changing the TMS Landscape

Software as a Service: Changing the TMS Landscape

In 2009, a major cable manufacturer was faced with rising LTL costs, a disorganized supply chain, and a severe lack of reporting capabilities. The recovering freight market forced carriers to raise rates, and the manufacturer was told by its LTL carrier base it was at a "less than optimal operating ratio."  The shipper needed a solution beyond the capabilities of the traditional 3PL.

After scouring the marketplace and exploring several models, the shipper found that no provider offered a comprehensive solution. The answer came from a young startup company who offered a new model that would address all of the manufacturer’s issues.

The new model allowed the shipper to operate normally while leveraging high-tech tools for real-time reporting, EDI integration, and a fully automated load life-cycle. On-demand information systems enabled the shipper to provide accurate information to its carriers. Through this automation and true partnership model, carriers viewed the shipper as a valued partner rather than a high-cost account.

3PLogic was the young startup who engineered this turnaround by providing a true partnership and superior solution to the shipper. It is one of the first in the new wave of providers to offer a TMS via SaaS. Such solutions have been a long time coming and are beginning to make the lives of carriers and industry professionals far less challenging, and in turn, businesses more productive and profitable. Instead of the daunting challenge and cost of initiating and building an in-house logistics system and infrastructure, SaaS provides organizations with access to these solutions without the programming and staff required to maintain them. 

In today’s market, it is not enough to just deliver a product. The increasing expectation is the delivery of service, information, resources and an exceptional Transportation Management System. Ultimately, smart shippers demand a true partner with great technology.  Enter the attractive option of hybrid transportation management delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) by the logistics experts of 3PLogic. 

With a SaaS TMS, shippers are quickly taking control of their network of carriers, customers and vendors. Whether managing inbound logistics or outbound optimization, the right solution enables the automation of planning, execution, exception management and settlements of a large supply chain. The right transportation management partner can make this seemingly unattainable solution a reality at an affordable price.

SaaS is changing the game by making tools that were once only available to Fortune 50 organizations accessible to even small and mid-size shippers. Traditionally, shippers purchased expensive, stand-alone software. Now, via SaaS, modern shippers have their own private TMS without all the complexity or cost of traditional software. A good SaaS provider can give a shipper its own cutting-edge TMS, real-time Integrated Optimization Engine, and reporting software in days rather than the months required of traditional providers.

So, how can a strong SaaS TMS provider help shippers in this volatile market? According to Eric Rempel, President of leading TMS provider, 3PLogic, "With carriers changing business models, it is more important than ever to distinguish your company as a partner rather than just another customer." By gaining access to fully automated transportation operations and carrier score cards, shippers become optimal partners for carriers; causing rates to hold steady or even improve despite market trends. 

Innovative solutions to address critical shipping needs are now available from a small handful of companies, one of which is 3PLogic.  3PLogic solutions simplify shipping via a web-based TMS. Shippers can gain control over their supply chain, gain visibility not only to the real-time location of freight, but also gain insight into compliance, overspend and utilization.  Moreover, there is nothing to buy, install or maintain. 3PLogic’s SaaS model enables quick setup, powerful tools, and informative analytics to be available to shipping managers in weeks, rather than months as compared to some of their competitors. Because of 3PLogic’s SaaS model and powerful procurement capabilities, it is able to deliver an entire offering at a total lower landed cost than shippers pay today in freight alone.

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