Sorting Out Retail Priorities

Retailers and logistics service providers shift their risk management and digitization priorities in response to pandemic-related challenges, says a report from Blue Yonder and Reuters Events Supply Chain. Highlights from the report reveal:

Reconsidering Risk Management

  • Retailers/manufacturers are hesitant to pursue nearshoring and onshoring plans, with only 29% making an investment.
  • 63% of retailers/manufacturers favor dual-sourcing as a strategy moving forward.
  • As environmental concerns increase, 53% of retailers/manufacturers and 50% of logistics companies plan to invest in sustainability.

Digital-First Practices

  • Logistics companies feel the pressure to reduce supply chain costs (58%), improve service levels (48%), and address labor shortages (30%).
  • 63% of retailers/manufacturers and 60% of logistics companies agree that end-to-end visibility yields the highest return on investment in their supply chains.
  • 48% of retailers/manufacturers and 57% of logistics companies have a robust cloud strategy, creating infrastructure agility that legacy systems can’t achieve.

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