• GT 1210 Solution: ORBCOMM’s system combines asset tracking capabilities with cargo and door sensors. The trailer tracking device identifies door opens, route deviations, and loaded/unloaded status. Real-time alarms protect cargo from theft and tampering. The solution includes a customizable application with dashboards and analytics.
  • IntelliScan Image Capture and Retrieval: Spireon’s cargo sensing technology complements its Intelligent Trailer Management platform to provide actionable intelligence on trailer assets. The solution can detect cargo load shift before doors open. It minimizes cargo damage by detecting improper loading and also helps with the recovery of stolen cargo with timestamped documentation.
  • Labelmaster Cable Security Seals: These heavy-duty, self-locking steel cable seals secure railcars, cargo doors, gates, drums, and hazmat shipping containers. Labelmaster’s cable seals provide fast and secure locking capabilities in a variety of materials and strengths, including C-TPAT-compliant options. They come in a range of lengths and colors with custom marking, numbering, and colors available upon request.

  • SC1302 Sensor: The smart device from CalAmp provides granular visibility for the safe transport of COVID-19 vaccines and other pharmaceuticals and perishables, as well as electronics and high-value shipments. The environmental sensor, which can monitor temperatures as low as -4 degrees F, integrates with CalAmp’s SC iOn Supply Chain Visibility software solution for end-to-end monitoring.
  • BlackBerry Radar: This end-to-end asset tracking and monitoring solution provides near-real-time information about trailer, chassis, and container fleets. Identifying unauthorized use, it provides up to five sensor readings from one device, including container on/off or door open/close, location, and mileage. It can communicate to additional wireless sensors for visibility to the status and security of assets.
  • Tive Solo 5G: The multi-sensor tracker from Tive provides hyper-accurate location and condition data for in-transit shipments. It offers shock and light monitoring with real-time alerts that help logistics professionals actively manage shipments to avoid preventable delays, damage, and theft. Light sensors let users know if a shipment has been opened—and if so, when and where.
  • SEAFORCE X007 Bar Seals: The steel core bar protects and secures shipping containers, truck trailers, and railcars. Its transparent plastic cover provides an anti-tampering visual indication. Manufactured by American Seals, the product has a two-steel-pin system for locking and incorporates additional protecting features.
  • Varcode Smart Tag: By combining temperature measurement into the data value of the barcode, Varcode’s low-cost solution protects the safety of products in the cold chain. The Smart Tag triggers a value change in the barcode if any of the multiple pre-set temperature events occur. It can be digitally read by standard barcode readers or by iOS and Android devices.

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