Supply Chain Visualization at a Glance – ProTrans

Supply Chain Visualization at a Glance – ProTrans

At ProTrans, our customers’ needs drive continuous improvement and innovative solutions every day.

The Challenge

ProTrans’ challenge was to create a dynamic visual track-and- trace tool to allow our customers to see all their in-transit shipments for North America in one central web page or, in the case of one customer’s operations group, a comprehensive visual on large monitors in their operations hub.

The Solution

ProTrans created a web-based Google map that interfaces with our TMS system—Optimiz. This graphic interface map shows all the customer’s in-transit loads on one screen. The screen can be set to update at intervals such as every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.

For ease of use, icons were utilized to designate each load. For ground loads, a truck icon was utilized; for expedite moves, a plane was utilized. Users can click on each truck/plane and a sub-window displays all the shipment IDs moving on the truck.

A visual color scheme was utilized to designate that status of the load:

√ Green means all the shipments on the load are on time.

√ Yellow means the load is in jeopardy of being 0-4 hours late.

√ Red means the load is going to be 4+ hours late.

√ Green/Yellow/Red means shipments have mixed on-time status.

Utilizing the Google map capabilities, each load can drill down to the actual street level using longitude and latitude from carrier’s satellite check calls. In addition, clicking on each shipment can show the route of that shipment on the map.

All these features give the customer a snapshot of their supply chain shipments at a glance.

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