Big Data

Tony Sinton

Preparing for the New World of Work

The first, second, and third industrial revolutions were built around some form of energy: The first was fueled by steam, the second by electricity, and the third by nuclear power. Enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by smart, autonomous systems that use data and machine learning as their fuel.

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Warehouse Sustainability Doesn’t Measure Up

Only a small number of warehouse operators—18% of those surveyed—currently use sustainability metrics to analyze their environmental impact, finds a new Transport Intelligence warehouse benchmarking survey. Of those who do use sustainability metrics, not one was able to say how much energy they used per square meter or how much carbon dioxide they produced at […]

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Top 10 Manufacturing Predictions

What’s ahead for global manufacturing? "Manufacturing companies are transforming from efficiency-oriented operations to resilient organizations driven by a tighter connection to markets and customers," says Kevin Prouty, vice president, Manufacturing Insights, IDC. Here’s what Manufacturing Insights predicts for the years ahead: 1: By 2023, 65% of global manufacturers will realize a 10% savings in operational […]

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