Big Data

How to Make Supply Chains “Antifragile”

Cost savings has been the number one priority for heads of procurement and finance across industries. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that this must be achieved through lean, just-in-time processes and a focus on limited inventory. COVID-19 exposed just how quickly this can create shortages in critical industries like food and manufacturing — in […]

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More Companies Seek Sustainability Data

An uptick of 24% more companies are asking their suppliers to report environmental data in 2020 through nonprofit CDP Global, with a 34% surge of growth in North America. Suppliers report data on their impacts, risks, opportunities, and strategies related to climate change, deforestation, and/or water security through CDP’s platform. Companies then use the data […]

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Shannon Vaillancourt

Do You Have Bad Strategies or Bad Data?

Q: Why do most supply chain strategies fail? A: It comes down to data. Most companies have data quality issues. Companies make decisions with no data, partial data or, worse, misleading data. The misleading data is the worst because it looks right, but is inaccurate. Decisions made with incorrect data lead to no cost savings […]

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Blockchain Pilots Aren’t Landing

A majority (80%) of supply chain blockchain initiatives will stay at the pilot stage through 2022, according to new Gartner research. Many organizations pushed to create robust use cases for the supply chain; however, most were inspired by banking and insurance pilots, and didn’t translate to supply chain. This should not discourage supply chain leaders […]

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Tony Sinton

Preparing for the New World of Work

The first, second, and third industrial revolutions were built around some form of energy: The first was fueled by steam, the second by electricity, and the third by nuclear power. Enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by smart, autonomous systems that use data and machine learning as their fuel.

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Warehouse Sustainability Doesn’t Measure Up

Only a small number of warehouse operators—18% of those surveyed—currently use sustainability metrics to analyze their environmental impact, finds a new Transport Intelligence warehouse benchmarking survey. Of those who do use sustainability metrics, not one was able to say how much energy they used per square meter or how much carbon dioxide they produced at […]

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