Expedited Shipping

Keith Biondo

@Home With Demand-Driven Logistics 

I recently got into a discussion with a reader about the most important developments in logistics during the past decade. “Mainstreaming of the term ‘logistics’ by UPS ranks right up there,” he said. “Civilians” just don’t understand what you do, the complexity of the challenges you face, or the intelligence, dedication, and hard work you […]

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On the Road: Midnight in Memphis

FedEx primary package facility processes 2,500 items an hour. A behind-the-scenes look reveals how the bustling facility operates. MORE TO THE STORY: A Matter of Choice   Destination: Memphis, Tenn. Location: Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee, third-largest city in the U.S. Southeast, located in the southwest corner of the state along the Mississippi […]

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How to Select Expedited Services<br />

How to Select Expedited Services

MORE TO THE STORY: 5 Steps to Expediency, Efficiency, Economy Expedited delivery is a necessity for all companies, whether they are meeting unexpected seasonal demand or managing shipments by exception. They use expedited service to move parcel and temperature-sensitive packages, specially packaged product, oversized equipment— and everything in between. Cost is secondary to timeliness and […]

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