Tom Madzy

So You’ve Decided to Invest in a Global TMS – Now What?

The benefits of a Transport Management System (TMS) are well recognized, allowing users to replace separate management systems for their different logistical needs with an end-to-end solution that allows shipments to be booked in just a few clicks, saving vast amounts of time and money. It’s no wonder then, that so many companies are moving […]

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Cindi Hane

Transportation 2016 (And Beyond): The Old Rules Don’t Apply

Transportation is ever-evolving with current shipper concerns of growing truck driver shortages, severe capacity crunches, supply chain talent shortfalls, and tenuous customer service levels. Traditionally, shippers would pick up the phone to call a favorite carrier who would carry the load for an acceptable rate at the day and time requested. These manual transactions were […]

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Matt Elenjickal

Real-Time Load Tracking: Improving Productivity and Customer Service, and Reducing Costs

Do you have a team of people who spend their time calling carriers, checking websites, filling out spreadsheets with EDI data, and answering endless inquiries from internal and external customers about where the truck is? It’s an all too familiar story for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across the country. Did you install your dream TMS […]

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Steve Wood

Serialization: It’s the Real Thing

To help combat counterfeiting, the premium beverage industry is taking advantage of serial numbers on product packages to uniquely identify products for increased connectivity throughout packaging operations and the supply chain. Premium beverages such as expensive wine, whiskey, and cognac have become an increasingly active market for counterfeiters in China, India, and Russia. It’s easy […]

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Mark Morley

Greening Your Supply Chain With B2B Automation

Today’s businesses are under increasing pressure to develop more sustainable supply chains, typically part of a broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. With reducing carbon emissions a cornerstone of many CSR-related programs, developing greener logistics and supply chain networks is key. Replacing manual, paper-based processes with fully automated systems that use electronic business-to-business (B2B) transactions […]

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Fred Guelen

The Future Is Now: Strategic Technology Thinking for Shipping and Logistics Facility Managers

All over the world, forward-thinking shipping and logistics facility management (FM) professionals are frequently turning to next-generation, FM software to efficiently manage their facilities and real estate portfolios. It’s being used to streamline business processes, reduce facility costs, and simplify space and maintenance management. Simply put, it is revolutionizing overall workplace performance and helping businesses […]

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