Shannon Vaillancourt

Customized and Integrated to Create One Strategic Logistics Platform

Q: Why is it important for businesses to create a customized and integrated strategic platform for logistics operations? Why are businesses struggling to achieve this? A: Changing freight from a tactical necessity to a strategic asset is possible if you have a customized platform for logistics. A customized and strategic platform provides a company with […]

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Greg Braun

SaaS Breathing Life Into Yard Management Systems

Q: How has SaaS rejuvenated Yard Management? A: Cloud-based systems have been an enabler in many industries and yard management is no exception. The type of operations that are looking to better manage their yards today don’t want to be bothered with installing complicated infrastructure and initiating the type of complex projects that go along […]

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Tom Heine

Facilitating a Software Switch

Q: We bought our TMS over 10 years ago and have upgrades coming up. We’re considering something cloud-based. What is it like to switch software? The last time it took one year. A: There are a lot of factors that play into this, but generally it’s a lot easier than it used to be. Even […]

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Chris Noble

Avoid Pricing Pitfalls When Selecting a Logistics IT Solution

Q: One of the common gripes voiced by organizations implementing logistics IT solutions is that the solution ends up costing more than expected. Why does this seem to happen so frequently? A: The roots of this complaint can be traced back to improperly managed expectations during the sales process. Pricing between providers competing for the […]

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Eric Allais

Two Key Factors Drive WMS Adoption Today

Do you need your distribution or warehouse sector to be faster and leaner? If so, the warehouse management system (WMS) has emerged as a valuable tool that can be used to track and streamline tasks, the workforce, and material/equipment flows. In fact, the ARC Advisory Group’s WMS Global Market Research Study showed the WMS industry […]

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George Kontoravdis, PhD

Leveraging Collaborative Logistics for Increased Visibility

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies? A: Significant efficiencies can be realized across the supply chain when all stakeholders (enterprise, vendors, carriers) can collaborate in real time through a standardized logistics execution platform. This type of interaction is also known as collaborative logistics. The cornerstone of collaborative logistics is […]

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Bill Powell

What Is Your Fleet Trying to Tell You?

Each day, every vehicle in a fleet generates hundreds of pieces of data. Everything, from miles driven and fuel consumption to the repairs conducted and driving habits, generates data points that together, compile the overall view of a fleet. While this data can be extremely valuable to fleet managers, it also presents a daunting challenge. […]

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Jannine Miller

Georgia: Enabling Business Growth Through Collaboration

The business environment in Georgia is rich in everything a shipper might seek for responding to customers and competing in the global marketplace. From well-designed redundancies across intermodal shipping methods to creative solutions when the unexpected happens, Georgia’s logistics advantages can help shippers of all sizes and industries connect and grow. Shippers are the lifeblood […]

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Chase Sowden

Tapping the Power of Performance Management

In today’s workplace, performance improvement and the role of performance management are increasingly important. Organizations are under more pressure than ever to become more efficient and improve business strategies to remain competitive. Consider, for instance, a manufacturer with five warehouses that decides to implement a new enterprise resource planning system. The goal is to increase […]

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Nick Cicero

Leverage Dashboard Technology to Improve Decision-Making Capabilities

As a logistics professional, you’re familiar with the value of high-quality data. Experienced supply chain practitioners recognize that the value of data is directly related to its utility: Raw data without context or consequence is virtually meaningless. With even more tracking systems contributing to a dramatic increase in the volume of available data, companies are […]

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Keith Biondo

The Supply Chain of the Future?

We have achieved a good measure of being able to match demand to supply, and have aligned enterprise operations to support that purpose. But now that we have achieved that goal, we begin again—with a new global supply chain metastructure that is always on, never off. Consumer impatience drives supply chain impatience. For example, Adidas […]

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