Technology + Execution = World Class Global Transportation Management

Several years ago Active On-Demand’s parent company, Active Aero Group (AAG) made the commitment to become the preeminent on-demand global transportation manager and backed it up with a multi-million dollar investment to expand our already industry-leading technology systems.

We knew then that our technology had to be linked with exceptional personnel execution and expertise as an integral part of our solution applications in order to confront the ever-increasing challenges as supply chain and logistics management require more and more of a global span.

We also knew it was imperative to break the mindset of shippers that we are not only a “911” answer to emergency supply chain situations but that Active On-Demand could be a most vital link in any shipper’s traffic management system on a continuing integrated basis.

As a major step toward this goal, AAG expanded its non-asset based subsidiary into four separate divisions operating under the new name of Active On-Demand. The expansion was in response to our growing base of global clients who require web-based on-demand multi-mode transportation management systems that provide transaction visibility across all modes.

Ours is the only Internet-based system to provide clients with innovative, exclusive technology systems that optimize mode, carrier, and service execution of ground expedite, air cargo, and air cargo charter services that are vital to their supply chains and production operations. With it, we also optimize price, availability, and need time for every RFQ. In addition to managing bids in real time – we offer immediate access to shipment information, from pick up to delivery.

Our four divisions consist of Active Aero Charter (AAC), Active PTM (APTM), Active Surface Management (ASM), and Active Global Solutions (AGS). Active Aero Charter specializes in full aircraft cargo charters; globally; door to door. In 1996, Active Aero Charter revolutionized web-based carrier procurement for cargo charters and is now North America’s largest cargo charter portal.

Active PTM operating division delivers exceptional value by optimizing time, cost, and quality on every shipment. APT provides on-demand mode management utilizing a unique web-based process for rapid RFQ shipment processing, milestone management, and total web visibility for each customer’s shipment. The system’s configurable reporting capabilities support a multitude of client requirement variations.

Active Global Solutions features solutions that include ground expedite, air freight, global courier, and next-flight-out cargo services, often times blending these services to maximize value.

Active Surface Management provides ground carrier management services for time-sensitive truckload shipments that are the result of peak load capacity variability.

As with each of the Active On-Demand operating divisions, it provides competitive pricing and end-to-end milestone visibility. All three divisions operate within the proprietary tracking shipment technology, named APT, provided by Active On-Demand.

And while our selection process is asset-indifferent, our service is backed by contract commitments from the transportation industry’s finest carriers, which means we offer our customers the industry’s best options.

Our non-asset based business model is backed by Active Aero Group’s other subsidiary USA Jet Airlines, a Part 121 certificated, air cargo and passenger airline operating a fleet of dedicated aircraft. That fleet includes DC-9s and Dassault Falcon-20s that serve as a safety net for our contract customers during periods of peak demand.

We have completed on-demand assignments involving air and ground transportation from Europe to South America, Chicago to Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a fail-safe, full-service solution for all of our global customers, saving each thousands of dollars in potential lost production time.

When normal shipping lanes were blocked by a labor dispute, U.S.-based Asian assembly plants turned to us and we quickly located aircraft, including Antanov-124s, B – 747s, A-300s, DC-10s and DC-8s, providing a critical air link for freight en route from Asia to the United States.

We have even negotiated unscheduled stops by commercial cargo airlines to accommodate an emergency supply shipment from a Midwest U.S. city to the company’s plant not on the airlines regular route, saving the thousands of dollars that would have been spent on a separate jet charter.

Most recently Active On-Demand was selected by Ford Motor Co. as one of 15 firms recently named to the automotive company’s preferred supplier’s list as part of Ford’s ongoing plan to overhaul its supplier program by cutting in half the number of vendors that service the company’s supply chain system.

In today’s global reach of manufacturing, the smallest of shipments is subject to political turmoil, social unrest, or natural disasters, among others. Those situations call for human expertise and experience far beyond technological advancements and it is in these situations that Active On-Demand personnel excel time and time again.

Whether the customer is a manufacturer, freight forwarder, domestic or international shipper, 3rd and 4th Party Logistics provider, Active On-Demand clearly has the leading edge technology and the execution expertise to be a world class global transportation manager.

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