The 10 Most Read Articles 2018

Inbound Logistics reveals the 10 articles that drew the largest audience and reader response during 2018.

1. 2018 Trucking Perspectives

Trucking Perspectives

September 2018
Shippers and carriers face the challenges of rising transportation costs and tight capacity, but see the economy continuing to trend upward in our 2018 Trucking Survey.


2. Send It Back! How to Manage E-Commerce Returns

Ecomm Returns

August 2018
E-commerce customers return nearly one-third of their purchases. To compete and manage their own margins, e-commerce companies need to master both sending products out and bringing them back in.



3. Continuing Education: What’s on the Menu?

Continuing Education

December 2018
In the ever-evolving world of supply chain management, learning can take place both on and off the job. Companies are expanding their training options with an array of online and offline continuing education programs.



4. Project Runway: Airfreight Forwarders Model New Service Collections


November 2018
Airfreight forwarders are designing an expanded portfolio of supply chain services and strutting their stuff online. The data they provide may help shippers improve their own supply chains and allow them to face new regulations in stride.


5. 3PLs Put on the White Gloves

White Glove

July 2018
To stand out in the crowded marketplace, third-party logistics (3PL) providers are stepping up their service game. Learn how 3PLs are giving customers the VIP treatment, whether they’re predicting future challenges or providing constant communication.

6. Robots in the Supply Chain: The Perfect Employee?


April 2018
In the face of increasing e-commerce sales and decreasing potential employee pools, many companies are turning to robots to help manage their warehouses. The robots are designed to do the least-appealing jobs in the supply chain—taking over picking, product movement, or both—boosting productivity and freeing human employees for more complex tasks.

7. Supply Chain Impatience: No Time to Wait

SC Impatience

January 2018
Increased consumer demand for efficiency and overnight deliveries is echoing down the supply chain. Some retailers are switching to regional or local delivery models to speed their processes, with the help of 3PLs, courier services, and new technology.

8. Technology Fuels Truckload Transport


March 2018
Full truckload fleets face challenges too, mainly the speed of information communication and visibility that is becoming increasingly important. Many truckers are turning to technology to provide that transparency.


9. Facing the Crowd


October 2018
Leverage the input of the masses with a variety of crowdsourcing strategies. Online platforms allow companies to get crowdsourced opinions on early-stage products, while others aggregate trucks with available shipment space or find last-mile delivery drivers.


10. A Blockchain Reality Check


July 2018
With blockchain being touted as the solution to supply chain visibility, what role will it actually play in the near future? Companies should ask themselves a series of questions to determine whether blockchain is useful for them.

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