The Benefits of Using the Cloud for Attendance

Cloud-based employee time and attendance systems enable administrators to view and manage employee timesheets in real time, monitor overtime, track when and where workers are on the job, and get a better handle on overall labor costs. For employees, many like the convenience of seeing their worked time, overtime, and benefit time on demand, without having to ask their supervisors for that information. Using the cloud for time and attendance provides many benefits. Here are a few worth considering.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The beauty of cloud-based systems is they allow managers to view workers’ hours anytime and from any location. Managers can see when employees arrive and ensure that hours are entered correctly. Unlike desktop-based software, cloud systems let you administer time and attendance from any location, so you are not tied to one computer or time clock.

Some systems can be used with or without a physical time clock, a benefit since many companies still prefer workers to use them. These clocks provide self-service features, letting workers view worked time and overtime and benefit time directly on the clock or on a PC or smartphone. For employees, this access increases morale and employee engagement.

For example, KANN Enterprises, a loading and logistics company, uses a cloud-based solution paired with fingerprint reader time clocks to manage more than 400 hourly workers in 19 different locations. Managers can add employees and edit time punches directly on the clock and quickly see who has punched in or out. These fingerprint readers also eliminate buddy punching, which can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars in lost labor hours.

Mobile Functionality

Many warehouse companies use floater workers who move from building to building. Mobile time and attendance apps work great for this group of employees, as they can easily clock in on mobile phones, regardless of what building they’re in. They also can request paid time off and view punches by day, pay period and pay code.

Managers can also tap into mobile functionality by viewing employee records on demand and pulling reports. They can approve or deny time off requests, and add or delete employee punches, if necessary.

Some companies are giving customers access to this mobile functionality as well. KANN grants customers viewing access via a special code that allows them to view workers’ hours without being able to edit. It gives customers a heads up when employees are close to hitting overtime hours. This has a direct impact on controlling labor costs.

KANN reports this open communication has been beneficial to customer service and building relationships, as customers can see what they’re getting charged for.

Robust Reports

Not all time and attendance systems are equal. Some have robust reporting features, while others offer limited functionality.

More and more companies are looking for in-depth reporting features that allow them to set up separate categories for payroll, attendance, lists, schedule, management, and administrators. Some allow you to pull reports for employees and departments based on time cards, absenteeism, overtime, and punch compliance, in addition to reports on employee pay codes and time period. This is especially helpful for companies like KANN to manage a variety of workers, from material handlers and warehouse staff to onsite managers and administrators.

For many companies using lean manufacturing and other waste-reducing initiatives, using in-depth reports can help ensure efficiency and boost the bottom line.

Integration and Security

In the area of payroll integration, a cloud-based system is easy to set up and many integrate with major payroll software systems such as QuickBooks, ADP, or Paychex.

With the data stored online and the system hosted in the cloud, there is no software to install or servers to maintain. Data is protected with redundant back-ups in secure offsite data centers.

Time is Money

Efficient time tracking remains one of the most critical aspects of running a successful logistics business. Today’s modern companies are leveraging cloud-based time and attendance to better control labor costs and streamline operations. For KANN, they have reduced their administrative time by 50 percent and payroll costs by 25 percent.

It also lets managers focus on other mission-critical operations, from hiring and retaining workers to managing vendors and suppliers to meeting customer demand. These benefits have a direct impact on increasing your company’s efficiency and profits.

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