The Potential of Change

With schools across the country rapidly increasing the use of technology in the classroom, recent graduates entering the logistics workforce expect similar atmospheres. Without even realizing it, these individuals have trained themselves in a variety of ways to further their career. They are comfortable spending hours a day behind the computer, checking their emails religiously, and adhering to the forever changing landscape that is the university’s internal website. They have spent the last few years glued to their laptops; quickly learning and adapting to each professor’s different software standards.

So, when they enter the workforce, why would we rip away the technology they have been educated with? Changing certain parts of the business to meet the expectations of millennials may be time consuming and expensive, but will be worth the investment for the future.

Plain and simple, graduates are expecting to complete their work just how they did in college. From turning in papers to taking an exam on the internet, many of their classes were completely paperless. Changing a few areas in the office will ease the transition from school to work.

A proper area for your new employees is a vital resource for their success. For 3PL companies that revolve around the internet, there are a variety of ways to help your employees. First and foremost, laptops and desktops should run the newest software available because most students’ personal computers will be running the same platform. With many companies still running an operating system three generations old, it is time to invest in the updated version of Windows 10. Newer platforms also allow for expansion, including running multiple screens.

For 3PL companies, phones are also a vital part of the company. Outside the realm of business, landlines are a dying breed. These younger people will not have experience with the phones at first. These landlines should operate in a similar fashion to their smartphones. With a phone call sometimes not the best form of communication, there is software available to directly text from your computer.

Beyond the workplace, the numbers side of business can quickly be customized to fit the millennials’ needs. 3PL could be completely done online if it wasn’t for some companies that still request paper copies of their legal documents. Paper copies will soon be history. ACH payments that directly send money from bank to bank have many positive aspects. You will not be spending time stuffing envelopes full of checks, your payments will be secure, and you will be able to control exactly when customers receive their money. Transitioning away from such a solid foundation is frustrating and time consuming, but it will ensure your business will be prepared for the future.

After changing a few aspects in your company, you will begin to notice just how the investment paid off. Desktops will be less cluttered, electronic documents will be easy to find on the server, and your employees will be comfortable in the work environment.

Set your mind at ease and recognize the potential for millennials and their technology.

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