The Power of Transparency: Technology and Your Supply Chain – RPM

In a world driven by new technology, industries are finding ways to work faster and smarter. Tech breakthroughs have provided businesses with new processes and improved systems that have helped to maintain or increase efficiency in one way or another. It’s time to see these same improvements in supply chain management.

The transportation industry has been slower to evolve, but if you can order, track and deliver a pizza, you can do the same with a truck full of your precious commodities.

The transportation industry has tried and tested various technologies, many of which can’t do everything that logistics professionals and their team need them to do. Some are data management systems, some are tracking systems, some provide communications solutions—but one can’t do what the other can.

Solving industry issues starts with technology. However, that technology should provide transparency, visibility and flexibility for all parties involved—a level of communication that has never been seen in the industry.

Whether you are having issues tracking shipments, or communicating with your staff, the technology or software used to operate your supply chain should solve a problem. The process and software should allow you to see everything in real-time, allowing you to make sound decisions that directly affect your KPIs.

It should also be a system that can flex to the needs of your business—a flexible solution that provides organizational capacity in the face of rapid change. The right technology has the ability to flex up or down, while pulling in the appropriate resources and business processes needed to support change.

In addition to transparency and flexibility, a system must have operational visibility along a broad spectrum, with real-time updates and solutions. An operationally millennial-centric platform with generation X reporting and BI tools means all parties tied to a shipment are in the know, and have the ability to review the right analytics to make the best well-informed decisions.

For example, the shipper can receive real-time shipment updates and billing visibility, a carrier receives both broker and shipper communications, automatic GPS updates and a tool for documentation management, and a transportation broker has a platform to successfully coordinate a shipment while satisfying all shipper and carrier requirements.

RPM has launched a technology platform that provides flexibility, ease of use, integration options, data management options—but most notably, transparency. It’s a word used a lot in the industry, but never seen before. In all processes, from raw material suppliers to end customers, the end-to-end supply chain view is the basis to initiate optimizations through the entire supply chain.

With this system, we can promise complete transparency—end-to-end. Driving efficiencies to our customer’s supply chain, adding dollars to your bottom-line, and revolutionizing the way you interact with your supply chain.

RPM is a leading full scale Transportation Brokerage & Supply Chain Solutions enterprise. With our specialization in the Transportation Brokerage & Supply Chain Solutions space we continue to rapidly scale our operation around the needs of companies of all industries spanning North America. At the core of RPM is our tremendous capacity to manage all transportation needs across the entire spectrum of any supply chain. Our freight/vehicle systems and focused solutions are driven via advanced proprietary technology and managed by our unyielding customer and carrier-facing teams.

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