TMS Helps Shippers Rise Above the Status Quo

Q: What supply chain technology challenges or issues do today’s business leaders face?

McCarrick: One of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today is how to effectively and efficiently control cost. works with shippers to find the optimal pricing solution to assist them in better controlling their transportation budget.

For example, many of our clients benefit from our ability to expose them to competitive spot market pricing, while others prefer to base their yearly transportation costs on a specific, set tariff. We also work with customers who have unique, seasonal needs to move a significant amount of freight, over a short amount of time, in the most cost-saving manner possible.

And we’re always developing new products and technologies to give our clients even more opportunities to control their transportation budget, because we believe their challenge is ultimately our solution.

Q: What prevents businesses from benefiting fully from logistics technology tools?

McCarrick: In a word: Inertia— the desire for businesses to remain working as they have been, even if that means they’re not getting the full advantage of online technology. Working in a status quo environment may be a comfortable way to operate for a customer, but it’s usually not the smartest.

We believe, in order to be a true business partner, we must help move our clients out of their comfort zone and into a multi-functional, cost-saving, online logistics system. It’s simply not responsible for us to let their past limit what they can do now. Once there, they realize the value of having all their information in one place. Plus, they see cost savings almost immediately.

Not only do our clients benefit, but their entire business is more successful as well. Working with a transportation management system should not be intimidating. That’s why is the ideal business partner— we offer easy-to-use products that also pack the punch of advanced technology. It’s the perfect tool to evolve the way people do business.