TMS Improves On-time delivery and Increases Supply Chain Visibility – Kuebix

TMS Improves On-time delivery and Increases Supply Chain Visibility – Kuebix

Kuebix saves a National Powertrain Supplier over $270K by increasing visibility, empowering better decisions.


Holman Parts Distribution
Pennsauken, NJ, USA
National OE powertrain parts supplier to dealerships and large fleets.

Solution Provider

Maynard, MA, USA
Cloud-based TMS that provides visibility and increased efficiency to any supply chain.

Overcoming Key Hurdles

Holman Parts Distribution began searching for a transportation management system (TMS) during the fall of 2015 with operational goals of minimizing cost overages due to inefficient carrier selection, improving on-time delivery and increasing supply chain visibility. On the financial front, Holman Parts had too many human resources allocated to manual freight invoicing and was grappling with frequent payment of incorrect invoices.

The Solution

Holman Parts implemented Kuebix TMS across eleven U.S. locations. Holman Parts’ employees were able to immediately begin utilizing Kuebix, because it is a turn-key SaaS solution. Within 10 days, the Kuebix team had integrations in place with Holman Parts’ carriers for automated freight audit and pay.

Measuring the Results

Holman Parts received instant ROI from Kuebix’s rating engine as the logistics team began selecting the best carriers for each lane vs. carriers based on “tribal knowledge” or “gut feeling.”

Within one year of implementing Kuebix, Holman Parts Distribution realized:

  • Freight savings of $272,000 by selecting the more cost-effective carrier for each shipping zone.
  • Time to book shipments reduced from eight minutes to just 90 seconds.
  • On-time delivery rates increased due to Holman Parts’ ability to match the right shipments with the right carriers and to quickly react to problems like delayed shipments.
  • Automatic invoice audit reduced Holman Parts’ payroll team headcount while allowing it to reallocate those resources to other projects.
  • Overpayment protection on freight invoices gives Holman Parts immediate visibility into exactly how much it’s paying at the point of carrier selection.
  • Standardized processes and data across all 11 physical locations support complete, end-to-end visibility and enable better decision-making.

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