Solved: TMS Offers Significant Savings – BluJay

Solved: TMS Offers Significant Savings – BluJay

BluJay’s SaaS transportation management solution helped Ace Hardware reduce freight spend and improve service.

The Challenge

Ace Hardware was managing its inbound transportation process manually with spreadsheets, utilizing inefficient processes, and producing outdated information. Ace wanted better control of inbound transportation to automate processes, gain efficiencies, understand costs, and identify areas for improvement. The company recognized the potential ROI for a transportation management system and decided to slate the project in front of an ERP implementation, with the goal of finding a TMS requiring limited IT resources.

Goals for the TMS included:

  • Gain visibility into true freight costs
  • Identify and manage inbound freight
  • Centralize freight payment
  • Obtain business intelligence to assess carrier performance
  • Reduce freight costs

The Solution

With BluJay’s Transportation Management solution, Ace Hardware has automated tasks, used the Global Trade Network to manage inbound shipments, and gained visibility of orders, shipment status, and costs. Ace estimates savings of over $18 million in transportation costs since implementation.

Other ongoing benefits include:

  • Improved real-time visibility
  • Reduced safety stock levels
  • Increased freight bill savings
  • Reduced lead time from production to receipt

“BluJay’s Transportation Management runs our daily operations and we harvest the visibility of real-time information to gain better control of transportation performance and cost,” said Ace Hardware’s director of transportation. “BluJay’s Transportation Management gives us the business intelligence and analytics to structure our carrier procurement by providing better information to carriers so they can submit rates and service proposals based on actual transportation information. BluJay’s Transportation Management is the gift that keeps on giving. Their solution runs our transportation network while opening our eyes to additional opportunities with broad supply chain impact.”

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