Top 3 CEOs in the Transportation and Warehousing Industry

Now is a good time for pros in the transportation and warehousing industry to consider finding a job at KLM or NFI Industries. Employees at these companies have the most likeable CEOs, according to a new report from Owler, a crowdsourced information platform that’s building a database of company and executive information.

Owler’s analysis, which parsed thousands of CEO reviews from its users, uncovers what people truly think of CEOs in the transportation and warehousing industry. This comes at a time where there’s more transparency, and thus, accountability in the corner office than ever before. Whether it’s through the news, social media, or review sites, the nation’s top executives can’t seem to escape public scrutiny.

The top three CEOs in the transportation and warehousing industry include KLM’s Pieter Elbers, NFI Industries’s Sidney Brown, and Delta’s Ed Bastian. With an average score of 69.3, transportation and warehousing industry CEOs ranked #17 in Owler’s Top 25 Industries list, suggesting that CEOs leading at transportation and warehousing companies, in terms of favorability, are in the middle of the pack relative to CEOs in other industries.

Here are the full results for the transportation and warehousing industry.

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