Transparency to Efficiency: How IoT Can Increase the Productivity of Your Transportation (Sponsored)

The evolution of business has rapidly increased over the last 25 years. The speed of technological advances has impacted all aspect of business, including the last bastions of manufacturing and transportation operations. Every business has looked to capitalize on technology to increase productivity and leveraging that into higher profit margins. With the Internet of Things, the connectivity has helped many businesses shine lights in places that have always been.

Supply Chain Control

Every transportation and logistics business desires full visibility of the supply chain from start to finish. With this knowledge, you can make better decisions for all shareholders, not the least of which is your customers. Saving money for your customers and your profit margin is a win-win situation.

How can you do this using the IoT? There is tons of data out there waiting to be collected and analyzed. From vendors, employees, carriers and customers – there is data all throughout the supply chain – it is just a matter of collecting it. Whether through manual collection or systems integration, it is worth the effort to gain more insight on your business’ supply chain.

Transportation and Logistics Fleet management plays an essential role in maintaining fleet vehicles, schedules, everyday usage of vehicles and route planning. In just these few areas, efficiencies can be found to decrease costs and add more profit. The most effective way to increase productivity is to decrease fleet down time.

Using a route planner increases visibility for operations because routes are planned ahead so that their distance and duration are known and customers as well as drivers know in advance when their visits are scheduled. MyRouteOnline offers an online route planner that saves time and money with optimized routes.

The days of paper copies and manual check-ins are over. Mobile scanners, hand-held computers and RFID systems help provide a speedier delivery and give real time data which increases the visibility as to what is happening on the ground in your operation. Leveraging the technology, keeping connectivity with your drivers and fleet can drastically improve operations.

Utilizing technology is key to the future of business and the inception of the IoT has increased the connectivity of all areas of business. With looking ahead 10 or 20 years down the road, these are just the building blocks to a future of increased productivity and profits.

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