Warehouse Sustainability Doesn’t Measure Up

Only a small number of warehouse operators—18% of those surveyed—currently use sustainability metrics to analyze their environmental impact, finds a new Transport Intelligence warehouse benchmarking survey.

Of those who do use sustainability metrics, not one was able to say how much energy they used per square meter or how much carbon dioxide they produced at their warehouses, the survey notes.

The three overall metrics warehouse operators use most frequently are operations metrics (76%), customer metrics (68%), and financial metrics (64%). Surprisingly, only half of respondents say they use employee metrics to track workforce turnover or temporary employees. Sustainability, however, was by far the least-used category of metrics.

“All companies these days are quick to talk up their green credentials. However, it is worrying that so few have any systems in place to assess their environmental impact,” says John Manners-Bell, CEO of Transport Intelligence. “If you don’t measure your sustainability, how can you improve it?”

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