Weaving a New, Strong North American Presence

Weaving a New, Strong North American Presence

Geodis Wilson helps fashion powerhouse Desigual establish its U.S. operations and ensure the latest fashions are immediately delivered.

THE CUSTOMER: Desigual, New York, New York (N.A. HQ)

Desigual is an international clothing/fashion designer, manufacturer, retailer, distributor, and wholesaler. It sells 25 million garments annually in 72 countries. It has opened more than 14 of its own U.S. stores since 2010. Its motto resides on designing pieces that generate positive feelings at an affordable price.


THE PARTNER: Geodis Wilson, Iselin, New Jersey (N.A. HQ)

With 7,300 employees in more than 50 countries, Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight forwarders and 3PLs, building partnerships and serving customers with integrated supply chain solutions that deliver cargo by air, ocean, and ground worldwide. Its Fashion and Lifestyle vertical division helps global brands deliver on time and reduce costs by optimizing their supply chain.


When apparel company Desigual began U.S. operations in 2009, it had no retail presence or local resources. Having worked with Geodis Wilson in Europe and Asia since 2006, Desigual turned to its partner for assistance with building its U.S. operations. In 2010, Geodis Wilson helped the European fashion label open a dozen retail stores in major U.S. cities, with 11 more to follow in the next two years. Now Geodis Wilson handles 80 percent of the one million garments Desigual moves in North America annually.

Before Geodis Wilson stepped in, Desigual had problems with its warehouse, particularly in inventory control, product visibility, and delivering and receiving processes. Geodis Wilson integrated Desigual’s information systems, streamlining efficiencies in imports, customs brokerage, and overall track-and-trace capabilities from point of origin to delivery to Desigual’s retail stores.

The Fabric of a Strong Partnership

"Geodis Wilson has done so much to help us succeed, I feel like they are truly an extension of our company," says Priscila Lopez, Desigual’s North American operational manager.

Geodis Wilson has demonstrated its substantial commitment to Desigual in the following ways:

  • Providing 24/7 service and a single point of contact. Geodis Wilson intimately knows Desigual’s business, and is fully accountable at all levels.
  • The Geodis Wilson team built partnerships with Desigual’s warehousing and manufacturing entities in China, India, and the United States to understand its supply chain operations and systems; further integrate processes; and ensure solid customer service, connectivity, efficiencies, and cost and time savings. "They know these facilities as well as or better than I do," says Lopez.
  • Geodis Wilson provides Desigual with ideas to enhance supply chain operations, information, and processes to reduce costs and improve service.
  • Customs brokerage is crucial, as different restriction and classification codes apply to each garment entering the United States. Geodis Wilson works with Desigual every year to help sort thousands of garments entering the country, which enables shipments to clear efficiently and on time.

"Geodis Wilson has gone far beyond my expectations," Lopez says. "They put tremendous effort into getting to know our business. We are fortunate to have a true, totally dedicated partner."

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